Pre-Professional Programs

Physician Assistant

Advisors: Dr. Kelli K. Sapp, Dr. Tony Kemerly

Students wishing to apply to Physician Assistant Schools will need to consult the specific prerequisites of the schools to which applications are made. All PA schools will require that applicants have first hand experience in patient care. This requirement may be satisfied by obtaining CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) or EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) credentials and working as a Nursing Assistant or Emergency Technician. The amount of experience required varies from 150 to 2000 hours. Most PA programs are Masters level programs. Applicants should expect to take the Graduate Record Examination and to hold the Bachelor degree in order to apply to Masters programs. Application may be made to a minority of schools after completion of 60 to 90 credits of course work. All prerequisites must have been completed and each school must be carefully consulted.

Commonly required prerequisite courses include:
BIO 1399. Introduction to Biological Principles and Literature.
BIO 2060. Human Physiology
BIO 2070. Human Anatomy
BIO 3040. Microbiology
CHM 1010-1020. General Chemistry
CHM 2510. Organic Chemistry or
BCH 3220. Biochemistry*
PSY 2000. Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2300. Lifespan Development*
PSY 2250. Abnormal Psychology*
STS 2020. Introduction to Statistics
ATR 1300. Medical Terminology*

*Recommended or required by some programs.

Any area of concentration may be chosen as a major, provided the courses required by the PA School are taken. Additional upper level courses in the biological sciences may be required depending upon the program, e.g. Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Immunology.


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