Important Terms and Conditions Related to Assessments at High Point University

With the increase in assessments happening across campus, the R&P team manages a university-wide assessment calendar to avoid over-surveying and reduce survey fatigue. You must submit the form below so that a R&P team member can review your request, and see when and if your assessment will be conducted. Any request forms received more than three weeks after the start of a term may be subject to being moved to another term. Please read all information below before submitting the form.

Conducting an assessment can be a tedious process, but the Office of Research and Planning (R&P) is available to assist you with creating, distributing and reporting to efficiently and effectively complete the project. There are a few important steps that need to be addressed before you can begin your assessment.

  1. Plan ahead. 
    • In order for your goals and objectives to be effectively met for your department, office, or research project, the R&P office asks that you have your learning outcomes, goals and/or objectives readily available in order to strategically plan for your assessment.
    • We may already have data that has been collected with the same information you need, so sometimes it is as simple as sending you the appropriate information without the need for an additional survey.
    • Allowing plenty of time to research and plan for your assessment will reduce the time and resources needed to get your project done.
  2. Qualtrics Account Setup
    • It may be necessary for you to have a Qualtrics account set up. It is the responsibility of the account holder to work with the R&P office before sending any surveys to avoid overlap in surveys and other projects. Click here if you are in need of a Qualtrics account.
  3. Approval for Emailed Assessments
    • The Assessment Request Form must be completed in order for your survey/project to be added to the university assessment calendar (upon review). Any surveys sent without prior approval from the Office of Research and Planning can deter from other university-approved assessment initiatives and in turn can result in reduced response rates for all surveys involved. It is critical that all emailed surveys are approved well in advance. If a survey is conducted within the confines of a class or meeting (not emailed beyond that setting), then submitting the request form is not required.
    • Your survey may be combined with another university-approved assessment in an effort to reduce the number of emails being sent. You will be notified if your survey items will be combined with another assessment.
    • Our office will not schedule any assessments to overlap with end-of-term course evaluations in an effort for students and faculty to focus on completing those evaluations and have the highest response rates.
  4. IRB Approval
    • If your project is being used for research and you plan to publish the data in any way, please submit the form below, but also go through the IRB process.

By submitting the form below, you agree to the terms outlined above. A R&P team member will be in touch with you within 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion for your records.


Note: Do not close your browser until you see the confirmation page appear showing that your response has been submitted. You will also receive a confirmation email upon completion for your records.