Building CodeStreet #Street Name# of Single Bedrooms# of Double BedroomsNumber of Total BedsBathrooms
DENY 708708Denny3031 full bathroom
FRRS 801801Farris Ave1252 full bathrooms
FRRS 803803Farris Ave2262 full bathrooms
FRRS 805805Farris Ave1252 full bathrooms
FRRS 807807Farris Ave3271 full bathroom
FRRS 808808Farris Ave2141 full bathroom
FRRS 809809Farris Ave0484 full bathrooms
FRRS 811811Farris Ave1372 full bathrooms
FRRS 812812Farris Ave3031 full bathroom
FRRS 813813Farris Ave6062 full bathrooms
FRRS 814814Farris Ave3151 full bathroom, 1 half
FRRS 815815Farris Ave2141 full bathroom
FRRS 817817Farris Ave0241 full bathroom
FRRS 819819Farris Ave214
FRRS 821821Farris Ave0484 full bathrooms
FRRS 823823Farris Ave024
FITH 11011101Fifth St.0484 full bathrooms
FITH 11031103Fifth St.0484 full bathrooms
FITH 11051105Fifth St.0484 full bathrooms
FITH 11071107Fifth St. 0484 full bathrooms
FITH 12011201Fifth St. 1131 full bathroom
FITH 12031203Fifth St. 2141 full bathroom
FITH 12051205Fifth St3031 full bathroom
FITH12071207Fifth St. 1131 full bathroom
FITH 12081208Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
FITH 12091209Fifth St. 3031 full bathroom
FITH 12101210Fifth St.6183 full bathrooms, 1 half
FITH 12111211Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
FITH 12131213Fifth St.2021 full bathroom
FITH12141206Fifth St.0484 full bathrooms
FITH 12151215Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
FITH12161216Fifth St.0444 full bathrooms
FITH 12171217Fifth St.2141 full bathroom
FITH 12211221Fifth St.2141 full bathroom
GUIL 12021202Guilford Ave4042 full bathrooms
GUIL 12041204Guilford Ave0484 full bathrooms
GUIL 12081208Guilford Ave4041 full bathroom
GUIL 12061206Guilford Ave0484 full bathrooms
GUIL 12101210Guilford Ave3151 full bathrooms
GUIL 12121212Guilford Ave2142 full bathrooms
GUIL 12131213Guilford Ave2141 full bathroom
GUIL 12141214Guilford Ave3152 full bathrooms
GUIL 12161216Guilford Ave0362 full bathrooms
GUIL 12171217Guilford Ave8084 full bathrooms
GUIL 12181218Guilford Ave4042 full bathrooms
GUIL 12191219Guilford Ave3152 full bathrooms
GUIL 12201220Guilford Ave2262 full bathrooms
GUYE 13071307Guyer St.1252 full bathrooms
GUYE 14011401Guyer St.2021 full bathroom
GUYE 14051405Guyer St.2141 full bathroom , 1 half
HOME 15241524Homewood Ave303
HOME 15261526Homewood Ave024
MCCH 12011201McCain Pl.0241 full bathroom
MCCH 12021202McCain Pl.3031 full bathroom
MCCH 12031203McCain Pl.3031full bathroom
MCCH 12041204McCain Pl.404
MCCH 12051205McCain Pl.3031 full bathroom
MCCH 12061206McCain Pl.4042 full bathrooms
MCCH 12071207McCain Pl.2141 full bathroom
MCCH 12081208McCain Pl.0481 full bathroom
MCCH 12091209McCain Pl.3031 full bathroom
MCCH12101210McCain Pl.8084 full bathrooms
MCCH 12111211McCain Pl.1131 full bathroom
MCCH 12121212McCain Pl.0242 full bathrooms
MCCH 12131213McCain Pl.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
MCCH 12141214McCain Pl.315
MCCH 12151215McCain Pl.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
MCCH 12161216McCain Pl.0484 full bathrooms
MCCH 12181218McCain Pl024
MCCH 12191219McCain Pl8084 full bathrooms
MCCH 12201220McCain Pl4042 full bathrooms
MCCH 12221222McCain Pl202
MCCH 12241224McCain Pl303
CENT 11061106N. Centennial St.1131 full bathroom
CENT 11081108N. Centennial St.4162 full bathrooms
CENT 11101110N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom
CENT 11121112N. Centennial St.1251 full bathroom , 1 half
CENT 11141114N. Centennial St.4042 full bathrooms
CENT 12001200N. Centennial St.2021 full bathroom
CENT 12021202N. Centennial St.3152 full bathrooms
CENT 12041204N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom
CENT 12061206N. Centennial St.1131 full bathroom
CENT 12081208N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom
CENT 12101210N. Centennial St.3152 full bathrooms
CENT 13001300N. Centennial St.2141 full bathroom
CENT 13021302N. Centennial St.2141 full bathroom
CENT 13041304N. Centennial St.2021 full bathroom
CENT 18081808N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom
CENT 18101810N. Centennial St.4041 full bathroom , 1 half
CENT 18121812N. Centennial St.3032 full bathrooms
CENT 18161816N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
CENT 1818 1818N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
CENT 18201820N. Centennial St.4041 full bathroom , 1 half
NORW 929929Norwood2141 full bathrooms
QBAV 209209Qubein Ave1252 full bathroom
QBAV 219219Qubein Ave1252 full bathrooms
QBAV 220220Qubein Ave1372 full , 1 half
QBAV 223223Qubein Ave404
QBAV 227227Qubein Ave1252 full bathrooms
QBAV 229229Qubein Ave1252 full bathrooms
QBAV 230230Qubein Ave404
QBAV 235235Qubein Ave214
QBAV 236236Qubein Ave024
QBAV 237237Qubein Ave226
QBAV 240240Qubein Ave2262 full bathrooms
QBAV 304304Qubein Ave3031 full bathroom
QBAV 305305Qubein Ave4282 full bathrooms, 1 half
QBAV 307307Qubein Ave4282 full bathrooms
QBAV 313313Qubein Ave048
QBAV 316316Qubein Ave3032 full bathrooms
QBAV 321321Qubein Ave3152 full bathrooms
QBAV 322322Qubein Ave303
QBAV 325325Qubein Ave226
QBAV 327327Qubein Ave303
QBAV 328328Qubein Ave2021 full bathroom
QBAV 330330Qubein Ave2262 full bathrooms
QBAV 3323332Qubein Ave
QBAV 404404Qubein Ave4162 full bathrooms
QBAV 406406Qubein Ave3032 full bathrooms
QBAV 501501Qubein Ave1372 full bathrooms
QBAV 503503Qubein Ave3031 full bathroom
QBAV 509509Qubein Ave2262 full bathrooms
MUSE A512Qubein Ave26144 full bathrooms
MUSE B605Barbee Ave36154 full bathrooms
PKWY 900900University Parkway3273 full bathrooms
PKWY 11061106University Parkway3031 full bathroom
PKWY 11081108University Parkway3031 full bathroom
PKWY 11101110University Parkway3031 full bathroom
PKWY 11121112University Parkway3031 full bathroom
PKWY 12061206University Parkway3031 full bathroom
PKWY 12081208University Parkway3031 full bathroom
WOOD 500500Woodrow3031 full bathroom
WOOD 508508Woodrow2141 full bathroom
WOOD 515515Woodrow4041 full bathroom , 1 half