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Oct 08th, 2019

Active Shooter Response Training

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) recently partnered with the High Point Police Department to deliver a series of Active Shooter preparedness programs across campus.  At the start of the Fall 2019 semester, all faculty and adjunct employees received the training.  Two sessions in September were open to staff and students.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about preparedness and response options is encouraged to contact

Active Shooter incidents have become an unfortunate reality that we must prepare against.  While the likelihood of an active shooter incident occurring on campus is extremely low, the university is responsible for taking steps to prepare against it.


HPU adheres to the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” program.

  1. RUN: If there is an active threat and you can safely get away, do so. Distance is your greatest defense. Run with a plan and commit to your decisions.
  2. HIDE: If escape is not an option, seek protective shelter. Barricade yourself in a protected space – avoid windows, silence phones, and do not allow anyone into your fortified location.
  3. FIGHT: As a last resort, fight because your life depends on it. Act with every ounce of aggression and fight to incapacitate the assailant.


High Point Police Asst. Chief Stroud discusses “Run, Hide, Fight” scenarios with all members of the faculty at a campus training August 30, 2019.