Fire is one of the most likely and potentially preventable emergencies that can occur on the campus. To minimize the risk of campus fires, the University maintains strict safety guidelines that adhere to the North Carolina fire codes as well as nationally recognized guidelines and best practices for safe campus living.

Restricted Items:

  • Candles are not allowed in residence halls (even unlit or decorative). This also includes incense and candle-warmers.
  • Christmas trees must be UL-approved and may not exceed 6 feet (in residence halls). Christmas trees may not be placed in hallways, stairwells or near exits. Lights must be UL-approved, and may not have frayed wiring.
  • Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or windows unless the material is flame-resistant.
  • Grills and Fire Pits are prohibited in all residential areas, including University-owned off-campus housing.

For a more comprehensive list of prohibited items, please refer to the Student Life Guide to Living On Campus. Questions regarding whether specific items may be allowed on campus (not specifically prohibited in the Student Life Guide) should be directed to Gus Porter, Environmental Health, Safety & Preparedness Manager.

Confiscation of Prohibited Items:

The Office of Student Life and the Security Department may confiscate any items that pose a threat to the safety of the campus community, or are specifically prohibited by University regulations. Property confiscated by the Office of Student Life or Security Department may not be returned.