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Contractors working on campus must register with the Contractor Services office located at 1141 E Lexington Avenue (in the College Village Shopping Center) prior to being allowed onto campus. Here contractors may be issued temporary parking passes, contractor vests and Passports.

Questions: email or call us at 336-841-4657.

Vests Identify Contractors

Numbered, brightly colored vests are issued to visually identify contractors authorized to be on campus.  Contractors are required to wear the vest when on campus.  Vests are issued to individuals and should only be worn by the individual whom the vest was issued.

If a contractor is unable to wear the vest of the work performed (e.g., musician) or will be on campus for a short period of time (e.g., making a delivery), a lanyard “Day Pass” may be issued.

Contractors must show a valid photo ID to receive a vest or lanyard.  Only 1 vest or lanyard will be issued to a person.


Temporary parking hangtags will be issued to contractors authorizing them to park in any unmarked parking space or in Service & Delivery spaces.  Parking in Service & Delivery spaces is limited to 1 hour on Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM.

Keys and Access Control

Contractors will not be issued keys directly.  Keys must be checked out from electronic access control key boxes located inside the Contractor Services front office (1141 E Lexington) or inside residence halls.

Keys must be returned by the end of the day and should only be checked out for the duration needed. Contractors requiring keys or access control credentials must have prior authorization from their HPU manager.  The HPU individual managing the contractor must fill out this form.