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exit-evacuation-signs-evacuation-route-arrow-rightSome emergencies may require an extended evacuation while emergency responders work to control the incident. Prepare for the possibility of an extended evacuation.

While most fire alarms require occupants to leave the building for only a few minutes, an actual fire could require occupants to stay out of the building for hours or days.

Are you prepared to leave your residence hall or office and not be able to return for 12 hours? 

  • Consider the possibility of an extended evacuation whenever the alarm sounds.
  • Gather any immediate items that you may need (i.e., phone, keys, medication). Don’t waste valuable time delaying exiting; however, don’t leave critical items you will need.
  • Follow all directions of emergency personnel.
  • Tell others to evacuate as you exit.
  • Be patient with HPU officials and emergency personnel.

We will share information as soon as possible, but the first priority is ensuring the safety of the campus (making sure the building is evacuated and that the incident is controlled).

Emergency Assembly Locations:

If a mass evacuation is necessary, members of campus will be directed to evacuate to a pre-determined site. These sites include:

  • Millis Athletic Center
  • Wanek Center
  • Slane Student Center
  • Plato Wilson School of Commerce


Evacuation orders may be given in a number of ways, including:

  1. Verbally by an HPU official or emergency responder
  2. Mass notification (Panther Alert or Advisory emergency message)