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Prepare in advance; know where to go and how to get there; locate the nearest fire alarm and extinguisher. Get out of the building.

When the Alarm Sounds:

  • Treat every alarm seriously. Until investigated, it is unknown whether there is a true fire or false alarm.
  • A fire can double in size every thirty seconds – don’t waste time by not reacting to the alarm.
  • Gather your immediate belongings (keys, wallet/purse) but do not waste time collecting non-essential items.
  • Get out and away from the building. These designated rally points are far enough from the building to let first responders work unimpeded and protect against fire-related injuries.
  • Do not go back into the building until an ALL CLEAR has been given by Security, Student Life or HPFD. The fire department routinely silences the alarm during their investigation so they can talk to each other—this does not mean that it is safe to go back inside yet.

If You Discover a Fire:
RESCUE anyone in immediate danger.
ALERT people of the fire by activating the nearest fire alarm.
CONFINE the fire by closing all doors and windows.
EVACUATE the building.

Most people die in a fire because of smoke inhalation, not the fire itself.

Know in advance how many doors you will have to pass along your evacuation route before you reach the nearest exit door. If heavy smoke is present, the exit signs above the doors may be obscured. Knowing how many doors you must pass will allow you to crawl or crouch low so you will know when you reach the exit door (even if you can’t see that it is the exit.)

Using a Fire Extinguisher:

If safe to do so, attempt to extinguish a small contained fire with a fire extinguisher. If there is any doubt, evacuate.

CLICK HERE to access a video demonstrating proper handling of a fire extinguisherpass.

Time is always of the essence since many fire extinguishers have a limited operation time of 8-45 seconds.

Always know your escape route. Keep your back to the exit and never let the fire get between you and the exit.

If Trapped in a Room:
  1. Put a wet cloth under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room.
  2. Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  3. Call Security (336-841-9111) and provide your exact location.
  4. Be prepared to signal to someone outside.
  5. Cover your face with a wet cloth to protect against smoke inhalation, and stay low to the ground.