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Flooding can occur anytime of the year and just about anywhere in North Carolina. Whether you are in your home, driving or on foot, flooding can be extremely dangerous. Flooded roads pose significant safety hazards, and can knock you off your feet or sweep your car away.

  • Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling.
  • A foot of water will float many vehicles.
  • Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles, including SUVs and pick-up trucks. Stay away from flooded roadways and swollen streams and rivers.

Know the terms

A Flood Watch means that flooding is possible; you should tune into NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio or television for more information.

A Flash Flood Watch means that flash flooding is possible. You should be prepared to move to higher ground.

A Flood Warning means that flooding is occurring or is imminent. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

A Flash Flood Warning means that a flash flood is occurring or will occur soon. Seek higher ground on foot immediately.

Click here to learn more about your flood risk by using the Flood Plain Mapping Tool.

Click here for a printable version of this information.

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