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Parking is available for all members of campus. Members of campus can park in any unmarked space, provided that it is not specially-designated (reserved, service and delivery, faculty or numbered  space).

All campus members are required to register their new vehicles at and bring the state registration card to the Wanek Center security desk which is open from 8 am – 11:00 pm daily. Campus members can park in unmarked parking spaces. Numbered spots are reserved for Early Decision Students. Staff may park in spots labeled “Reserved” and faculty can park in “Faculty” labeled spots.

Be sure to display your parking permit properly on the front and rear of the vehicle.

If you receive a parking citation, you may either pay the citation or appeal. View all parking instructions on Parking Resources.

Parking Permits:

Members of campus are required to display a valid parking permit on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Parking permits may be obtained from the  R.G. Wanek Center Service Center Desk. You must provide state registration of the vehicle to obtain a parking permit.

Parking decals will remain on your vehicle for the duration of your time at HPU. They are not replaced annually. If you need replacements, remove your current decals and bring them to the R.G. Wanek Center.

Parking Terms and Conditions:

When you register a vehicle on campus, you agree to abide by the parking terms and conditions. Citations shall be issued for parking and other traffic-related offenses.

No longer need a Permit?

Bring your decals to the R. G. Wanek Center Service Desk at the end of your time at HPU.

Need to park your car over the summer?

Please fill out the Long-Term Parking Request Form to leave your car over the summer.

You will need to include your student id number, name, and license plate number in the form.  Direction on the proper location to park your vehicle will be sent after your request is approved.

If you park in a non-approved area over the summer, you will be contacted by High Point University’s Campus Police and Security and this could result in your vehicle being towed.

For more information, please view the excerpt from the University’s Parking Terms and Conditions:

ARTICLE VII: Towing/Impounding

  1. Long Term Parking: Students requesting to leave their vehicles here on campus over the summer break shall submit a request in writing to the High Point University Security Department. They will be directed to where to park their vehicles as the parking areas may change due to construction projects during the summer months. Failure to submit a request to the High Point Security Department or not parking in the approved area will result in the registered vehicle owner being contacted for further investigation into the status of the vehicle. If the registered owner or student is no longer a current member of High Point University, contact will be made to have the vehicle removed within seventy-two (72) hours or the vehicle may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense. For any vehicle that is towed, an information report will be completed with photos taken prior to being towed. Parking and storage of trailers on campus can only be approved by the on-duty Watch Commander or the Parking Office. Any trailer that has not received prior approval is subject to relocation and/or towing at the owner’s expense. Any trailer that occupies more than one space is subject to immediate towing.

How To Appeal a Parking Citation:


Appeal Process

  1. Correspondence with the PARKING Office is via e-mail only.
  2. Appeals can only be submitted by the individual receiving the citation under Article II.: Mandatory Registration.
  3. HPU parking/traffic citations may only be appealed online by the student who received the citation, not by phone, email, or in person. HPU parking/traffic citations may only be appealed via an online process at Link to the appeal can be located within the citation emailed to the registered owners HPU email account.
  4. Appeals must be submitted within 7days of the receipt of an HPU parking/traffic citation. The appeal should include a detailed description of why the HPU parking/traffic citation should be considered improper or invalid.
  5. Appeals submitted beyond 7 days of the time and date of the HPU parking/traffic citation will not be accepted.
  6. Appeals by Parents of High Point University Students and other third parties are not accepted.

Parking Office will review the written appeal and may:
Grant the appeal and forgive the citation
Reduce the fine
Deny the appeal
Convey it to a warning


Board of Appeals
If the appeal is denied by the Parking Office, the appellant may appeal to the Board of Appeals within 7 days of notice of denial. Said board shall consist of one student, one security member, and one faculty member. The Board of Traffic Appeals shall meet as needed, at least once a semester. Requests to personally appear before the Board of Appeals will not be honored. After the hearing of the Board of Appeals the student will be notified via the student’s HPU email account of the Board of Appeals decision. The decision of the Board is final.

The Board of Appeal may:
Reverse the decision of the Parking Office and forgive the citation
Reduce the fine
Deny the appeal
Convey it to a warning