Applications for small project support of undergraduate research

The High Point University Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Program is committed to encouraging and supporting high quality undergraduate research and creative projects. To that end, the University has made funds available to support student research projects.

Students are invited to apply for funds to:

  • gain seed money needed for undergraduate research or creative works.
  • travel to a site where you will collect data as part of an undergraduate research project.

Application Guidelines

  • Please submit your application at least 3 weeks before funds are needed.
  • Funding is not guaranteed. Plan accordingly.
  • Every student who applies for funding must have a faculty sponsor who can vouch for the quality and validity of the work, provide guidance in making a quality presentation, etc..
  • Students who are supported by a URCW grant are required to present their work when it is complete at our on-campus forum.

Budget Guidelines

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you funding.
  • All university policies regarding travel, expenditures, reimbursement, and behavior must be followed. Please be aware that the HPU Code of Conduct and Honor Code are in full effect during travel sponsored by the university. If students are found to be in violation of these codes, any URCW-approved funds will be revoked.

Application Review and Award Amounts

Each application will be reviewed by a sub-committee from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Committee. The sub-committee will look at applicants who adhere to the application and budgetary guidelines as stated above. Please note that many factors are taken into consideration when funds are awarded. Students may request up to $250 for the support of project.

There is an upper limit on the total amount an applicant can be awarded a year. Applications will continually be reviewed and awarded through out the academic year until funds for the academic year have been exhausted. Amounts are subject to change depending on funding amount for the academic year.

Application Form:



If you have questions about the application process or guidelines, please contact Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works.(