Criteria for Student Eligibility:

To be eligible for the Congdon School of Health Sciences – Summer Research Fellowship (SuRF), a student is required to be in good academic standing. Good academic standing is defined as having a GPA of 3.0 or higher, in compliance with all University attendance policies, and not on probation of any type (academic, disciplinary, or other). In addition, a student must be willing to commit to the amount of work required to complete all laboratory and associated work on the project during the time that on-campus housing is provided. They must also participate in extracurricular activities, which will be directed by the Office of Undergraduate and Creative Works. These include (but are not limited to) an opening team building workshop, a summary luncheon with the Provost at the end of the summer research period, and the annual HPU High-PURCS research conference, where the results of their original research will be presented.

To be considered, students must complete the online application and submit all required supplemental documentation. They must also email their intended mentor to schedule a meeting to discuss their interest in the project. Figure 1 provides a flow chart of the student application process.SuRF Application Process

*Application for a SuRF award does not preclude a student from applying for an award via the High Point University Summer Research Institute (SuRI), but students are only permitted to accept one (1) award over the summer timeframe.

**Congdon School of Health Sciences faculty are permitted to sponsor students through both the SuRF and SuRI initiatives simultaneously. Please inquire with your intended mentor if you would like to pursue either of these opportunities.