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The Summer Research Institute (SuRI) – Since 2013. SuRI is open to undergraduates in all disciplines. Students are required to identify a faculty mentor with whom they will work during their summer research period and describe the project goal, method, and timeline. There may be some projects seeking student researchers. Students will be able to live on campus for free for the duration of the research within specific guidelines and a few small student stipends may be available. The program runs June and July, although students may move into residence halls Monday following graduation. Your dates and hours will be negotiated with your mentor. However, there is a mandatory weekly meeting on Thursdays 3:30-4:30 pm and a movie night each Tuesday. The application deadline is listed below.

  • Please review the SuRI application questions here and discuss them with your mentor to prepare your answers.
  • Then submit your application using the online application below at the bottom of the page
  • If you do not already have a project, you may find projects which are recruiting students HERE.


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The Summer Research Program in the Sciences (SuRPS) – Since 2015. SuRPS is a competitive program for 24 research assistant positions with faculty in biology, chemistry, or physics. These competitive awards come with free campus housing, meals, and a summer stipend. Students should preview the specific project opportunities available this year  and  indicate on the application the top three projects they would like to work on. The program runs currently with summer enrollment. Students are expected to work approximately 40 hours per week, and participate in this program as their sole endeavor during this time frame. Students should not have additional employment.  Preview faculty projects HERE and be prepared to rank your top 3 choices.

The online application is at the bottom of the page.


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The Congdon School of Health Sciences (CSHS) – Summer Research Fellowship (SuRF) – since 2016. SuRF is a competitive program for research assistant positions with faculty in the Health Sciences. These competitive awards come with free campus housing and a summer stipend.  Further information on the SuRF program is (available here).

Students who have interest in this program should:

  1. Review student eligibility criteria (available here)
  2. Preview faculty projects (available HERE) and identify your top 3 choices
  3. Email those faculty mentors (to schedule meetings to discuss your role on project)
  4. Complete the online application below at the bottom of the page.

       All  three programs are accessed through the same application, but for SuRF and SuRPS, be sure you are looking at the 2023 projects.

The application will be available early 2023.

Application Deadline:  March 1, 2023