There are several times during the year (in addition to other advising times) when advisors and advisees must meet together for the purpose of scheduling courses through the registration process. A student must meet with their advisor before the advisor will clear the student for on-line registration.

As a part of the academic planning that takes place prior to the registration process, it is very important for advisors to monitor the selection and sequencing of courses with prerequisites in mind.  Since it is the advisor who maintains a record of courses completed by an advisee (this record is also available to advisees on Student Planning, it is the responsibility of the advisor (and not the instructor of any particular course) to make sure the student has completed the necessary prerequisites.  (In some courses, the permission of the instructor may substitute for prerequisites.)  It increases the academic risks for students if they take courses for which they have not been adequately prepared. Therefore, checking academic records for prerequisites can increase the chances for academic success. (Prerequisites are included in course descriptions in the University Bulletin.)

Student advisees need to schedule appointments with their Advisors or Success Coaches and come prepared with a tentatively planned schedule for the semester for which they are registering.