With an increasing number of students attending graduate school, admission to various graduate programs have become increasingly competitive. The following information has been designed to help you plan, prepare, and develop a program of undergraduate study that would significantly enhance the probability of admission to graduate or professional schools. Although you are ultimately responsible for your own academic planning, faculty and staff at High Point University are eager to assist you in selecting electives that will enhance your probability of admission. The following individuals and offices can serve as excellent resources:

  • Your Academic Advisor. Your academic advisor should be a faculty member in your major area of study. While most faculty are more than eager to do more than is mandated, as a student it is your responsibility to contact the advisor, seek assistance, and make a special effort to build a relationship with your advisor. You must assume the initiative. Your advisor will help plan and guide your undergraduate studies program and provide tips and ideas that will further help prepare you for graduate study. The two of you should form a “team” working collectively towards your academic success.
  • Pre-Professional Program Special Advisor. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate pre-professional programs special advisor. Visit the Pre-professional website for more information.
  • The Office of Career and Professional Development assists students seeking admission to graduate and professional schools and coordinates the distribution of information about requisite admission tests.
  • Office of Graduate Studies. While this office handles admission to High Point University’s graduate programs, they can provide additional ideas and suggestions as you apply to other schools. In the process you may become interested in continuing your graduate study at High Point.