Aug 24th, 2018

Dr. Sparks loves mosquitoes!

Assistant Professor of Biology, Jackson T. Sparks, published his work titled: “Mini review: Gustatory reception of chemicals affecting feeding in aedine mosquitoes” in Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology in October of 2017.  Dr. Sparks is interested in evaluating the relative importance of mosquitoes’ sense of taste during the initiation of host feeding behaviors.  A full understanding of disease vector chemosensory sensitivity is crucial for the development of novel repellents. The full text can be found here and an image from the paper is above.

In other news from Dr. Sparks’ lab, he and his research students Amanda Smith (‘18) and Carla Yost (‘19) presented their scientific work at Entomology 2017, the world’s largest entomology conference, in Denver, CO.  Amanda presented work on gene expression changes in fruit flies associated with olfactory experiences.  Carla presented work on the evolution of olfaction in a terrestrial isopod, the common pill bug.