Dec 13th, 2021

HPU Biology Neuroscience majors showcase their work in PBS-North Carolina

PBSNClogoThe Ackerman lab had the amazing opportunity to work with Frank Graff, an award-winning producer with PBS-North Carolina to highlight their research in adult retinal regeneration. The Ackerman lab utilizes zebrafish as a model system to study mechanisms of neuronal regeneration as zebrafish possess a robust and innate capacity to generate new cells/tissues in the retina after damage.




The series is already making an impact on the community, as multiple families have contacted me to try and understand more about the role of our research. I want to highlight three amazing HPU neuroscience student researchers – Emily Davis, Ryan Hesterman, and Julia Velasquez – who enthusiastically stepped into this unique opportunity to relay science in an on-the-spot, concise, and clear conversation.

Feedback from multiple sources were impressed with the ability of our students to be such great teachers, “eloquently speaking and relaying a difficult topic in a manner that was easily digested by the general public.”

-Dr. Kristin Ackerman

While the camera and lights were intimidating at first, I really enjoyed connecting with the interviewer and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process. This experience allowed me to build active listening and interview skills that enabled me to answer any questions thrown at me in a clear and concise manner. Throughout this experience, I was able to better understand the broad impact of our lab on the field of regenerative medicine.

-Emily Davis

My experience with NC SCI strengthened my ability to effectively communicate information to someone who does not necessarily have the same educational background. Additionally, it has helped me to recognize the value of research at the undergraduate level and understand how the Ackerman Lab is conducting research that could be highly applicable in the future. Finally, it was an exciting and unique opportunity to display the various skills and knowledge that each member possesses within the Ackerman Lab.

-Ryan Hesterman

My favorite part about filming for the SCI NC program was having the opportunity to share my research with the public. In class, we talk a lot about the importance of scientific communication, with both other scientists and especially the public, who may not have as extensive a science background as we do. To be able to communicate my research to the public to highlight not only how fascinating our research is but the potential benefit it could bring to human medicine is an opportunity for which I am very grateful.

-Julia Velasquez