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Michael Grider

My research interests are focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal repair following injury. I approach the study of these topics using multiple model systems including cell lines, primary neuronal cell cultures, and rodent models. I have developed and utilized a model of cultured embryonic chick neurons to study molecular mechanisms of axon growth promotion and inhibition. Using this model, I have addressed important signaling cascades involved in the regulation of actin dynamics at the growth cone and axonal branch points. I utilize rodent models to investigate signaling mechanisms of neuronal survival following stroke, investigate axonal growth/regeneration following injury to the CNS, and examine molecular cues regulating remyelination following injury to the peripheral nervous system. I will be maintaining my investigations of the molecular mechanisms of survival following ischemia, including excitotoxicity and calcium-mediated protease activity in cell culture models. I am currently in a pilot study of the neuroprotective effects of argon gas on neurons in an hypoxic environment. I will also continue to explore the roles of Neurotrophins and Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycans (CSPGs) as mediators of axonal growth.


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