Student Perspective: New Year, New You at HPU

By Meaghan McRee, senior

President Nido Qubein is quoted as saying, “The past is over. Enjoy the good memories, use the bad ones as lessons in life, and get ready to makes some new ones. Your focus should be on the future.” That is exactly what I am going to do this year.

As a senior beginning my final semester at HPU, admittedly I am a bit anxious about the future (it can be a frightening topic to discuss), but excited in the same breath as I prepare for a May 3, 2014 graduation. For me, graduation is a step in my academic process (and progress) because I have been blessed with the opportunity of being a part of the Strategic Communication 5th year (B.A. to M.A.) program. What this means is that not only will I graduate with my B.A. in Strategic Communication in 2014, but then I am staying on a fifth year and I will receive my M.A. in Strategic Communication in 2015. Because of this opportunity and program offered by HPU, I will be a 22-year-old with my Master’s Degree in 2015 ready to take on the world with extensive preparation and experience. This is all because of the nurturing professors, faculty, and staff that have encouraged me and equipped me with countless opportunities such as an internship experience working in a Community Health Communication Promotion office as well as being a part of HPU’s Student Creative Marketing Team my freshman and sophomore year. It is because of the education, which is incredibly hands on, and the insights in order to expand my experience base and knowledge.

What else is happening this month at HPU? We are back from our Winter Break and so reunions between friends have been made, classes have begun, and sorority recruitment will soon be underway (of which I could spend an insurmountable amount of time talking about how powerful and exciting Greek Life is here at HPU). I am part of an audition choral group on campus called Chamber Singers, which rehearses five days a week! We are getting ready for Family Weekend, which is at the end of January as well as our Spring Break Tour at the end of February. I’m also taking two graduate classes this semester as well as a class focused completely on social media.

As I look back, I really do look forward to the future. I can’t help but reminisce on the amazing 3 ½ years I have had here so far. The people, the experiences, and the countless opportunities make the future so much more exciting (albeit, still a bit scary). But because of my time here at HPU, a new ME has emerged, and soon it will be a new YOU at HPU.

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