5 Reasons Why HPU is High Point’s University

High Point’s University – the apostrophe “S” carries much significance. It means that we are a university not only located in High Point, but a vital part of the city in which we reside. The city is an important part of the university too, and it underscores our commitment to the community and local engagement. Here’s a glimpse at what truly makes HPU “High Point’s University:”


1. HPU offers more than 150 cultural and athletic events that are open to the public each year.

  • Fall Band ConcertThroughout the year, students and the local community take part in the Community Enrichment Series where theatrical plays, lectures, literary performances, art, concerts and more are available to the public. These complimentary events provide exposure to a variety of performances and thought leaders who share lessons in entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.
  • HPU invites you to campus to cheer on our Panthers in any of our 16 Division I sports. HPU is a member of NCAA Division I athletics and has 16 varsity sports. The newest varsity sports are women’s lacrosse, which began in 2011, and men’s lacrosse, which began in 2013.
  • In addition to community and athletic events, annual events like Community Christmas, the Prayer Breakfast, Veteran’s Day celebrations and others bring community members together on campus for fellowship.



2. The university provides a $464.5 million economic impact.

  • Campus VisitorsHPU attracts students from 36 countries and 48 states and hosts more than 80,000 visitors annually. These visitors fill surrounding hotels, dine in local restaurants and shop in retail stores, making the economic impact on the state of North Carolina $464.5 million.
  • Since 2005, HPU has added 84 new, as well as acquired and renovated, buildings, which are sourced to local contractors in the Piedmont Triad.
  • Many students graduate and continue to call the city of High Point home as they commence careers here and establish their professional roots in the city – such as the 300 alumni who work as teachers and administrators in Piedmont Triad area schools.
  • HPU now has a total of 1,510 total positions, up 251 percent since 2005, making HPU the seventh largest employer in the City of High Point.
  • In order to accommodate new programs in the Congdon School of Health Sciences and the Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy, HPU is constructing a 224,000-square-foot facility where more than 100 faculty and staff will lead 700 new students at maturity. These programs in physician assistant studies, pharmacy and a proposed program and physical therapy will directly impact the city of High Point, making it a leader in patient care and medical research while providing students with learning opportunities in area hospitals, medical clinics and physical therapy centers.



 3. The HPU family gives back to its city.



4. HPU’s Passport Partner and “Our City. Our University.” programs make it easy for students, faculty and staff to identify and frequent more than 100 local businesses.

  • Passport-Partner-Window-Door-Sticker_2015In a unique university-city partnership, nearly 100 local businesses accept the HPU Passport card as payment, providing exclusive access to more than 5,000 customers with the goal of connecting local businesses with a thriving university community. Passport Partners enjoy promotion on the HPU website and social media outlets, participation in campus events and more.
  • The HPU signage that “Our City. Our University.” businesses proudly display makes HPU’s 4,600 students, 1,510 employees and thousands of visitors feel welcomed. A quick drive through High Point leaves you with many images of “We love HPU” flags, banners, umbrellas and more. Parents of students are comforted knowing they will leave their child in a city where they are embraced, supported and encouraged, and students feel connected when they frequent their favorite restaurant or retailer and see HPU represented.
  • Many partners also participate in “Purple Fridays,” during which they wear their HPU apparel in support of the university.
  • Weekly shopping shuttles provide free transportation for students to a number of partners.



5. HPU carries the name of the city wherever it goes.

  • HPU Magazine - Winter 2016The name of the university carries the name of our city.
  • Tens of thousands of HPU magazines, admissions brochures and more find themselves in the hands of people in all 50 states across the nation, and dozens of countries throughout the world.
  • Many families and alumni proudly wear HPU gear wherever they go.
  • HPU attracts scores of Fortune 500 CEOS, world-renowned thought leaders and distinguished visionaries like Colin Powell, Tom Brokaw, Steve Wozniak, Marc Randolph, Biz Stone, John Maxwell and more. They deliver commencement speeches, classroom lectures and community presentations. When these influential leaders visit campus, they see what the city of High Point offers, too.
  • HPU has been covered on prestigious national television outlets like Good Morning America, Squawk Box, World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, Fox News and more. We’ve appeared in newspapers like The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, USA Today and The Huffington Post, and magazines like Time, Sports Illustrated, US Airways and Delta Sky Magazine. Each time High Point University is in the news, the city is in the national spotlight too.
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