Class of 2016 Outcomes: Jack Speake Sells Surgical Equipment


With another successful commencement behind us, recent High Point University graduates are preparing to commence prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU. Here’s a glimpse of one extraordinary senior from the Class of 2016:

Name: Jack Speake

Hometown: Haddonfield, New Jersey

Major: Speake graduated with a B.S.B.A. in Business Administration, with minors in Sales, Marketing and Global Commerce, on May 7.

Post-graduation plans: Speake accepted a position as an Associate Sales Representative for InvoSurg, Inc., a private medical device distribution company specializing in cardiovascular surgical devices, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In his position, Speake will cover the East Coast territory travelling to hospitals, and will be present in the operating room while the surgery is taking place to ensure the device he sold is running properly.

How HPU helped you get there: “HPU’s unique classroom environment is catered towards teaching valuable life lessons using real-world examples – whether it be case studies of relatable companies, or developing the negotiation skills necessary to buy a home.

I also used Career and Professional Development to help go over the pros and cons of different job offers and make a confident decision on which one would set me up for long-term success.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “Randy Moser is 100% dedicated to seeing his students succeed and became someone I looked up to. Professor Moser’s teaching style really resonated with me. He understood that we were all in college (many of us seniors), so allowed us to have fun, but also knew how to engage us in the classroom and really made us want to learn. Outside of the classroom, he would do anything in his power to help any student with job searches, class work, etc. His biggest goal was to see every student succeed and be happy with their decision after college.”

Most impactful moment at HPU: “Becoming President of my fraternity, Kappa Sigma, and stepping into that leadership role. I had to sacrifice many things most students get to enjoy their final year, such as free time. Most seniors are able to enjoy themselves or focus all their attention on their studies and finding a job. By taking on this position, I essentially added a full-time job to an already long list of things to do, like school work or finding a job. It taught me a lot about myself on how to handle some very difficult situations, how to manage a loaded schedule, and allowed me to grow up very quickly.”

Advice for underclassmen: “Develop a plan of how you are going to accomplish everything that you said you wanted to do in your four years in college. I can confidently say that I have graduated with no regrets, and that I can’t imagine anything else I wish I had done while in school. If you want to study abroad then study abroad, and if you want to get involved then get involved. But don’t just say it; develop a plan to do it.


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