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What’s the big deal about LinkedIn? Wondering why it’s for YOU as a college student? Watch the video to find out.

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the internet with more than 225 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Individuals and companies use LinkedIn for networking, job searching, hiring, company research, and connecting with affiliates, including alumni, industry, and a variety of other business related groups. Additionally, there are over 30 million students and recent college graduates currently on LinkedIn, making that demographic LinkedIn’s fastest-growing. LinkedIn is a site that allows you to connect to people you know and the people they know too! It also allows you to see profiles of anyone else on LinkedIn, and gives you ways to connect with them.

Source: LinkedIn Resource Center & National Association of Colleges and Employers 

LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with other HPU alumni. Search by company, geographic location, major, activity, or career field. Reach out to professionals whose career path is relevant to your interests.

In addition, we have developed resources to help you make the most of using LinkedIn. Please use the links to access:

Headline, Summary, and Connection Requests

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Salary Guide

LinkedIn How You Match Guide

An easy way to find alumni of HPU is to use the Alumni feature, located on the
High Point University school page.



LinkedIn Profile