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Career & Professional Development's Interview Guide
Your interview is an opportunity for the employer to get to know you, for you to evaluate whether the manager and company culture are a fit, and for you to prove that your experiences and skills align with the job duties. For detailed information on interviewing, please refer to our guide on Interviewing above to assist as you prepare for interviews.
Dee Ann Turner
Dee Ann Turner, Talent Acquisition Executive-in-Residence
High Point University's Talent Acquisition Executive-in-Residence, Dee Ann Turner, has developed inspiring content on selecting extraordinary talent. View her interview advice and sample questions you can use to prepare.
Cynt Marshall, Sports Executive-in-Residence
Be ready. Be early. Be realistic. Be curious. Be grateful. These are just some of the tips High Point University's Sports Executive-in-Residence, Cynt Marshall, shares on acing your interview. View her action steps to make an extraordinary impression.
Big Interview
Big Interview gives you a powerful suite of tools to get you ready…fast. Their complete lesson curriculum teaches you how to get inside the head of any interviewer and prove that you’re the ideal candidate. The interactive interview practice module gives you the hands-on preparation you need to comfortably and confidently deliver stellar answers. Please note: When using Big Interview, please use Google Chrome or Firefox as this platform is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
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Have an interview? Research the company's culture, salaries, and interview process.