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The primary use of High Point University facilities is to support the activities of current HPU students, faculty, and staff.  External groups are welcome to submit a request to use the HPU Community Center, and may be subject to room rental and service fees.  We give priority to local non-profits for usage of the High Point University Community Center space.

These policies below delineate a framework to aid University groups and external organizations in planning and scheduling events such as meetings, exhibits, performances, conferences, training, and recreational events to be held at High Point University. By describing a uniform approach to event planning and evaluation, we hope to make the process of planning events consistent across campus. University faculty, staff, student organizations and external groups requesting to reserve campus facilities are expected to follow these policies and procedures.

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General Event Policies and Procedures
To request a university space, please complete the form found on the Campus Concierge site  It is imperative that you wait for approval before you begin promoting and planning your event.
Catering for Events
High Point University is under an exclusive contract with our on-site Caterer, Aramark, for all catering needs. Aramark Catering has exclusive right and obligation to provide all food service, including catered dining, meeting and event catering services for High Point University and all external groups holding events on campus.  Once your facility request has been approved, arrangements for all food and beverage orders must be made directly with the catering department by calling (336) 841-9236, emailing, or by accessing the online ordering website
The Office of University Events must be made aware that alcohol will be served at your event at the time of booking.
All events with alcohol must use Aramark Catering.  No outside alcohol is allowed on campus.
Event hosts must inform Office of University Events if any attendees include guests under 21.  If so, the host must identify these guests with wristbands, etc.
Marketing & Communications
If the University’s name and/or logo will be used to promote the event, the Office of Communications reserves the right to review all publications and other material (printed and online).
The Client may not post temporary signs/notices/banners/decorations on University property.
For Media and Photography requests, please contact the Office of Communications through this request form
High Point University employs its own on-campus security staff. Event organizers are responsible for supervision of their own groups. Event attendees must wear/present the proper ID upon request. If security is required for an event, the Office of University Event staff will work with Security to arrange.
Parking will be allowed in assigned lots only.
Smoke Free Campus
High Point University has established a tobacco-free environment. Consequently, use, distribution, or sale of tobacco, including any smoking device, or carrying of any lighted smoking instrument, or tobacco-related items including posters and wearing apparel in University buildings or on University premises without exception, at events on University premises, or in University-owned, rented or leased vehicles, is prohibited.

Student Event & Space Reservation Policy

The use of campus space for student events is regulated by the Campus Concierge and University Event staff. Clubs/organizations may request to reserve space only when the event purpose is relevant to the club/organization. The Campus Concierge, University Event staff, or other designee reserves the right to cancel an event at any time to ensure the safety and orderly operation of the campus and to re-purpose the space due to the priorities of the University.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff of High Point University, with their respective department’s support, may act as University Sponsors and host events on campus.

The purpose and content of the event must be relative and consistent with the educational mission of High Point University.

The event must meet the overall strategic goals and purpose of the sponsoring school, department, or student group.

The department’s chair, school’s dean, or other designated University authority within that organization must be informed of the event and approve the proposed expenditure of funds.

  • He/she must be given the opportunity to review the request, understand the commitment of HPU staff resources, and identify, if necessary, any conflicts of interest that might preclude the event from being held on campus. Please complete the Conferences and Events form.

The sponsoring organization must show that it has considered the community impact of holding the sponsored event on campus and has made concessions to account for increased traffic flow and parking impacts on campus particularly during “peak” hours.

Be responsible for the actual logistical planning and execution of the event to ensure that sponsorship event criteria and University goals are met.

Provide appropriate and reasonable HPU faculty involvement to adequately recognize HPU’s role in the educational content of the conference or other academic related presentation.

Assume all financial responsibility (providing the appropriate account number to all administrative entities that will charge fees) and ensure that all University and other vendors are paid for their services.

Ensure reasonable consideration is given and every effort is made to produce a sustainable “green” event.

The University Sponsor must also:

  • Determine whether the requisite staff resources exist within the University organization, or if other resources must be identified within the University to produce the event (the Office of University Events can assist you in various levels of planning if needed).
  • Be responsible for securing and overseeing any indoor and outdoor venues reserved for the event through a Campus Concierge facility request
  • Prepare a budget, manage finances and work with University accounting to ensure proper payment and recording of actual expenditures after the event.
  • Ensure all work orders are placed and confirmed with all internal University service departments prior to the start of the event.
  • Identify at least one key HPU person who will be in attendance to act as a main contact during the event.  This person will provide the welcome to the group and play the HPU Admissions Video.

Policies Regarding Internal and External Groups

All organizations holding events at High Point University must respect the mission and values of the University. In order for an external group to gain access to University facilities, there should be a significant University interest in hosting the event. There should also be a strong nexus between the event the group wishes to hold at the University and the educational and research mission of the University or its standing as a member of the community.  The external group must identify a University Sponsor (Academic Department, Administrative Office, SGA, or Athletics Department).

Other policies regarding internal and external groups include the following:

  • The university does not rent facilities for fundraising activity.
  • An external group must have a formal, written contract with the University.
  • An external group is required to provide the University with evidence of insurance coverage at the time it enters into the contract with the University.
  • An external group is required to pay the University a facility use fee (rent) and to pay for other event-associated costs (i.e., Catering, Transportation, Showpros, etc).
  • Religious groups will not be permitted to rent space on campus to perform religious services.
  • Private parties are not permitted on University property (i.e., wedding receptions, birthday parties, reunions, bridal showers, etc.)

External Groups:

External Groups are defined as outside participants who have no affiliation to the university. The outside group is responsible for all charges associated with room rental, catering, or other significant charges, and other support services needed for a successful event. The outside organization must be involved in the overall planning and organization of the event. If media is expected, High Point University Office for Communications must be consulted.

The outside organization will be expected to provide a certificate of liability insurance in the amount specified in the Facilities Use Agreement and a 50% deposit based on the estimated event cost, as well as a signed contract. If the event is canceled, the deposit is forfeited. The Facilities Use Agreement will be drafted and sent to the external group once the event is approved to be held on campus and the space is tentatively booked.

Outside organizations wishing to use High Point University facilities for events, conferences, workshops, meetings, or seminars may be charged a facility fee.  The rate covers the operational costs to maintain the space and equipment.

All AV, catering, transportation and other support services needed by the group are considered extra charges and are billed accordingly.

Resources and Checklists:

University Scheduling and Facility Request Form

Faculty/Staff Conference Request Form

Event Checklist

Requests for printed materials, media, photography, gifts

Security Request Form (START)

Campus Concierge

Key Contacts

HPU Request Form for Conferences

About Office of University Events

The Office of University Events is the primary event team at High Point University.  We plan, design and execute many of the events at the University, and oversee University ceremonies, event policies, and diplomatic protocol.

The Office of University Events assists with:

  • University public ceremonies and events such as Commencement, Convocation and Family Weekend
  • High profile, high-impact events, keynote speaker engagements, and special events hosted by the President
  • Design and produce special University events and initiatives
  • Visits, diplomatic protocol, and special events for high-level state, national, and international visitors and delegations
  • Conferences and speaker events
  • Procedural protocol regarding University event policies, special events, and event space usage
  • Education of High Point University faculty, staff and external groups regarding University event planning and policies
  • Provide general information resources for campus visitors