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Donor: SGA in November of 2001

In memoriam for 9/11

Location: On the slope across the creek behind Blessing Residence Hall and adjacent to the Woodland Hillside Garden

Featured plants: Lycoris squamigera (Resurrection Lily), Lycoris radiata (red surprise lily), and Lycoris x albiflora (white surprise lily)
When it blooms: early spring through late fall

About: Located across the creek behind Blessing, this garden expands on the original 9/11 memorial daffodil garden started by SGA in November 2001. Today, along with spider lilies and other bulbs, the garden has at least 500 resurrection lilies. In August, the resurrection lilies bloom pink, and in a botanical nod to patriotism, the spider lilies bloom red and white. The diverse bulbs throughout this garden provide interest year round. 

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res. lily




Hurricane Lillies

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