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Location: Between Smith Library and Roberts Hall

Featured Plants: A low hedge of yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) frames the garden highlighted with tree roses, ornamental grasses and colorful season annual displays.

When it Blooms: The garden is at its peak in the summer months. Fall and spring are highlighted with cool season annual displays.

About: The renowned landscape architect Robert Hayter designed this garden. He filled it with lots of color and ornamental grasses. This garden helps connect the Smith Library with Roberts Reflecting Pool. HPU alumnus Bill Minor supported this garden in memory of his wife, Louise, who helped him with the classes he took in Roberts Hall right after World War II. A low hedge of yaupon holly forming an infinity symbol frames the landscape. Throughout the year, lively color combinations fill the garden’s intricate structure.

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It's an ideal situation for me to leave a memory to my wife, Louise. She loved gardens, and she loved flowers. All my classes were right there in Roberts Hall. My teachers left a mark on me, and they all taught right there. I still think of them today.
Bill Minor
Class of 1950 and Donor
Through their blooms and fragrances, plants can connect us to our own subconscious and take us back to a place or a person we'll always deem as special, and when I was at HPU, I saw that happen so many times.
Jon Roethling
Former Garden Curator

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