There are numerous ways to remain involved with your study abroad experience following your return to HPU. Consider the following:

Meet international students at HPU

Get engaged with the international community and various other internationally-focused groups and activities at HPU. You’ll be able to meet international students studying at HPU for their full degree or for a semester/year exchange. You also could become a conversation partner to help students learning English as a second or other language.

Become a Global Education Mentor

A great way to stay involved with your study abroad experience and find deeper engagement with the international community at HPU is to become a Global Education Mentor (GEM).

GEMs help the Office of Global Education in many ways, especially as being a welcoming friend and mentor to our new international students. GEMs greet students upon their arrival to HPU, helping them to adjust to the HPU campus and community, oftentimes forming lasting friendships with their mentee. GEMs participate in Global Education events designed only for our international students and their mentors, as well as globally-minded events open to the campus community. Occasionally, GEMs help promote studying abroad by sharing their experiences with other students, prospective students, and families through the Office of Admissions events, Coffee Hour chats, and the Study Abroad Fair.

Upon your return to High Point University, you’ll receive information about how to apply to become a Global Education Mentor.

Consider participating in another study abroad program

If you enjoyed your time abroad, you could consider studying abroad again while at HPU for either a semester, a summer, or on a Global Experience or Maymester program. You also could consider an international internship or graduate schooling abroad.

Participate in other international opportunities post graduation

Consider other opportunities that will keep you involved after you leave HPU: