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Welcome to the Human Gross Anatomy Lab!
Welcome to the Human Gross Anatomy Lab!
About the Lab
The human gross anatomy laboratory provides the opportunity to study human anatomy without compromise and ensures that all learners have the best experience to develop the skillsets needed for their chosen profession.
Contact Information
4th Floor | Congdon Hall
Mon-Fri 8:30am — 5:00pm.

Inside the 4,800 square feet state-of-the-art human gross anatomy laboratory is an energy efficient facility designed to offer exceptional learning opportunities for students, faculty, researchers, and community partners utilizing High Point University’s Willed Body Program donors. Located on the 4th floor of Congdon Hall, the spacious floor plan and expansive windows allows natural light to flow thorough the laboratory creating a comfortable and peaceful setting. Designed to accommodate 24 Silent Teachers, the laboratory offers multiple learning stations for students use. Each station is equipped with a flat screen TV, computer system, overhead surgical boom light, custom built hydraulic table and adjustable chairs.

Anatomy Lab

Located within the anatomy laboratory is an anatomical model room where students have the ability to study plastinated specimens or replicated models for additional learning opportunities. With the integration of an advanced audio visual system and Stryker video capturing equipment the laboratory can broadcast images, videos, and audio across the room, and to external learning facilities. Through this technology the laboratory offers enhanced visual learning and continuing education opportunities. In addition, the laboratory was designed with an advanced HVAC system that significantly reduces chemical exposure levels, creating a safe environment for learning.

Anatomy Technology