CCC_Poster-Albert_M_BenderMission Statement

The History Department cultivates in our students a passion for and a critical understanding of the past while developing intellectual, analytical, rhetorical and writing abilities that will help them to lead lives of significance in global communities. Through a variety of courses that examine societies far removed from each other in space and time, students discover the richness, diversity and complexity of human history. The department also helps students understand the contested nature of historical knowledge by introducing them to the various ways in which historians have interpreted the past. We engage students in issues that provoke historical debate and familiarize them with the nature and uses of historical evidence. This critical study of the past allows our students access to a far wider range of human experience than any individual could acquire in a single lifetime, making History essential to a liberal arts education.


Core Values

The history program at High Point University prepares students for a changing world by helping them understand their place in the broader human experience. Our students apply the skills they learn in the major—planning and conducting research, analysis, writing and communication—to any path they choose in life, whether it is in academia or a professional or business career. Students of history learn to think critically, analyze complex issues, make sagacious inferences and contribute meaningful insights.

History faculty members teach and mentor students by demonstrating the importance of inquiry and innovation in their own research and writing, in personalized classroom teaching and in scholarly activities across the campus and in the community. The department strives to stimulate inquiry concerning our collective memory among students, guiding them to formulate impartial judgments, to develop analytic frameworks and informed opinions, and learning to more clearly articulate and communicate ideas.

Our curriculum introduces students to key topics, issues, trends and events from the past at introductory and advanced undergraduate levels. Our courses help them discover methodologies from past and present practitioners and guide them through primary source investigative projects culminating in a senior seminar that matches students with individual faculty advisors in the fields of the latter’s specialty.

The faculty and courses in HPU’s history department broaden students’ perspectives and help them to be knowledgeable about other cultures. Students take courses concentrating in North American, European and world civilizations and they learn of global interconnectedness past and present.

The curriculum and faculty of HPU’s history department support the College of Arts and Sciences and the university’s commitment to liberal arts and education of people for knowledge, curiosity, reflection, deliberation and appreciation of their lives and world: the bases for a life of service and understanding.