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High Point University recognizes the support of endowments and gifts in building the collections and supporting all aspects of the Library’s work and mission. Through endowments, donors honor the interests, achievements and memories of their colleagues, mentors, and loved ones.

We have placed a permanent link to all titles acquired through the generosity of the Library’s donors in our library catalog with a note of recognition in the public record.

Donated Collections:

Judi Bludworth Collection

Mark Darey Collection

Glover Family Collection

Hedberg-Graham Collection

Lawrence G. Hodgin Collection

John L. Hubisz Physics Collection

Randall T. Johnson Collection

John P. LeMaster Collection

John Luecke Collection

McKinney Family Collection

Toby Morrison Collection

Muslim Journeys Bookshelf

Meredith Person Collection

Edward J. Piacentino Collection

Herbert Schiller Collection

Barry N. Schultheiss Collection

Hal Warlick Religion Collection

Andrea Wheless Collection

Thomas Wolfe Collection (Donated by Herbert Schiller)



If you are interested in donating items to High Point University Libraries, see our Donation Policy or contact David Bryden.

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