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As High Point University continues to gain national and international recognition, every encounter with our brand must deliver a consistent message. Our name “High Point University” is a strategic part of our identity and is a distinguishable component of the brand. The reputation of our brand isn’t built off of one single encounter. It is constructed through a series of impressions. From an advertisement in the newspaper to the greeting received on campus, each touch point must communicate our culture. When inconsistencies are discovered it affects our brand’s reputation. Our graphic identity supports our brand, therefore, this style guide will serve as a resource in our mission to “Choose to Be Extraordinary! ®

High Point University brand standards acknowledges the need to adapt to trends and styles in an increasingly competitive global environment. Therefore, some graphic elements such as fonts and colors are considerably unrestricted, whereas the use of logos are steadfast. Thus the balance of innovation and tradition are critical to enriching our brand with a fluid audience.

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Traditional Wordmark

Unlike universities who may be recognized by their mascot, High Point University is recognized by our name. Therefore, the words “High Point University” must appear on all forms of communication and merchandise and be the leading visual. When referring to the university, always use the full name “High Point University” never use “High Point” without including “University” as it may be misinterpreted as the city of High Point. Further, the HPU logo should not be used without High Point University.

High Point University should appear on all university communications and be the leading visual. This may be through the use of the requirements of the one-line or two-line traditional wordmark, or through an alternative font selection that is clearly legible and more suitable for the audience.

If using the one-line or two-line university wordmark it must fit the minimum size requirements and have appropriate white space to set it apart. These logos may be used in the primary brand colors.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.09.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.09.20 PM

Roberts Hall Wordmark

The Roberts Hall wordmark may be used in place of the traditional wordmark. Historically, this wordmark has been used on printed materials and merchandise produced by the university. The Roberts Hall wordmark is traditionally not used on external merchandise to be sold at retail. Further, the Roberts Hall mark should not be used without “High Point University.”

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