We are pleased to announce our cooperative relationships with the following Academic Institutions, Centers of Excellence, Teaching Hospitals, Clinical Care Facilities, Health Systems and Regional Centers of Care

The University of Otago School of Physiotherapy

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center- Department of Orthopaedics

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – Division of Sports Medicine


UNC Health Systems High Point Regional Hospital, and the HPU Department of Physical Therapy are pleased to offer a partnership which will provide outstanding clinical placement opportunities for HPU students, as well as the future development platform for a community focused pro bono treatment clinic.

This clinical partnership will benefit those within our area who are underinsured or uninsured, and harmonizes brilliantly with the mission of High Point University in giving back through service and stewardship to the community we all call home.

“To whom much is given, much will be required”

Clinical Education Network Collaborators

At HPU, we believe that clinical education experiences provide impactful learning opportunities for our students making clinical facilities and their instructors a fundamental component of our Program.  The clinical education curriculum was designed to allow students to participate in clinical education experiences in the form of integrated, part-time, clinical experiences in the first and second year, and three full-time clinical internships in the third year.  The clinical education curriculum will require students to apply their didactic knowledge, refine their professional behaviors, cultivate evidence-based clinical decision-making, and practice their hands-on skills.  Our goal is to encourage breadth of experience while allowing students to experience depth in their preferred practice settings, making them more valuable to the facilities in which they are working and more marketable upon graduation.

With the help of an exceptional network of physical therapy providers and committed clinical instructors, the students in HPU DPT Program will have access to a variety clinical education experiences across the lifespan and throughout the continuum of care in a wide array of geoCSMgraphic locations.  Our DPT Program is fortunate to have clinical affiliation agreements with 61 outstanding clinical facilities who offer potential clinical sites in 30 States.  HPU and High Point Regional have established an innovative relationship through which all students are guaranteed placements for their first two integrated, part-time, clinical experiences as well as the first full time experience.  The stability provided by this partnership will ensure that HPU DPT students have a solid foundation of clinical experience to build upon as they venture out to health systems and clinical sites across the country.

By the end of 2017, HPU will create a Clinical Education Advisory Board as well as continue to refine the professional development benefits HPU is able to extend to our dedicated Clinical Education Faculty in appreciation of their commitment to mentoring future Doctors of Physical Therapy.  It is important that the clinical education relationship be a partnership that benefits both the DPT Program and the clinical facility.

This clinical education update comes with immense gratitude to the many individuals who have supported the HPU DPT Program through CAPTE accreditation and with great pride regarding the incredible quality and diversity of clinical education offerings YOU have made available to our students.  THANK YOU!