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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students are in each cohort?
  • Will all students in each cohort be in class together?
    Students will matriculate together as one class. Semesters 3, 5, and 7 offer a split semester where, for the first seven weeks, half of the class will be participating in clinical rotations while the other half complete their didactic coursework. The class then flips at mid-semester effectively creating 2 cohorts of 30 for these semesters. In addition, many classes will take advantage of a team-based, small group learning approach meaning that students will work in groups of 5 or 6. Lab based courses will have more than one instructor to make the student to faculty ratio as low as 15:1.
  • What is the grading policy?
    The High Point University DPT program implements a Pass, Low Pass, Fail grading system based on research that suggests moving away from traditional letter grade scores creates a healthier, more collaborative student.
  • Are there research opportunities available?
    Yes, we offer an independent study elective each semester whereby students interested in pursuing research opportunities have the option of doing so. However, it is not a requirement. Research opportunities may occur in the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Lab, Virtual Reality Lab, Brain Injury Lab , the Pro Bono Clinic, or in other clinical settings.
  • What information is there on the pro bono clinic at this time?
    Information can be found here for the pro bono clinic.
  • Accreditation process?
    The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at High Point University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).
  • How many weeks of clinical education are there? When do students go out in the clinic?
    One of the foundational principles of our program is that clinical practice is a vital component of a student’s education. Students will have the opportunity to pursue time in the clinic beginning in their 2nd semester and every semester following. Students will complete 31 weeks of full time clinical rotation in addition to 14 weeks of part-time clinical rotations.  In addition, students will be in the pro bono clinic in the Community Outreach I-III courses throughout the entire 2nd year and have opportunity to work collaboratively with faculty in the TEAM practice which raises money for student scholarships. 
  • Can you tell me more about the logistics of the clinical education curriculum?
    Students are required to complete at least one full-time experience in an outpatient setting and one full-time experience in an inpatient setting. This policy encourages breadth of experience, but may also allow students to experience depth in their preferred setting, making them more valuable to the facilities in which they are working, more marketable upon graduation, and better able to transition to independent clinician in their first professional position. Part-time clinical experiences (14 weeks) will be local, within one-hour of HPU. HPU DPT has established clinical affiliation agreements with nearly 400 clinical sites, throughout the country and internationally. 
  • What makes the curriculum unique from other PT programs?
    We have embraced a philosophy of engaging students in professional clinical practice early and often where they can apply evidence, but also learn the creativity and innovation that is a vital part of the art of physical therapy practice. Our curriculum was developed using a “student first” mentality, so we have adopted unique things like a pass/fail grading system designed to reduce stress but not rigor, exposure to interprofessional practice along the entire continuum of care, bountiful opportunities to do research and become movement experts in world class laboratories and classrooms, and selectives designed to allow students to learn more about specialty areas of practice. 
  • What is an independent study?
    Independent study is our way of allowing students the opportunity to pursue special interests in research, clinical practice, or service. It is an elective course whereby the student can choose to pursue their passions. 

CAPTE Accreditation

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