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B.A. Theatre

The Department of Theatre and Dance at High Point University offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts degree, combining rigorous course work and practical production experiences to provide students with the basic theatre skills needed to prepare them for entry-level positions in the professional theatre; graduate study and specialized professional training; or related careers in which creativity, communication skills and collaborative abilities are essential.

The HPU Department of Theatre received the “2011 NCTC College/ University Award,” which recognizes education excellence and is given to the top university theatre program in North Carolina by the North Carolina Theatre Conference.

A Focused Curriculum

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre at High Point University allows a student to enjoy a broad educational experience within the theatrical discipline. Each theatre major completes a challenging 32 credit hour “core” of challenging and exciting courses, providing them with a valuable foundation in all areas of the theatre arts. Each student then chooses a 16 credit hour “area of emphasis,” allowing them to explore in greater depth the area of theatre where their individual passions lie. Working closely with their faculty advisor, each theatre major at High Point University has a great amount of flexibility in “customizing” their program of study, breaking away from the “one size fits all” traditional curriculum model.

The “areas of emphasis” in the Bachelor of Arts degree at High Point University include:

Performance Emphasis —This option is designed for those students who are primarily interested in acting. During their academic career at High Point, students take a variety of performance classes aimed at providing them with the strong foundation in a practical performance skills necessary to either begin their career in theatre or pursue further graduate study.

Design/Technical Emphasis —This option is designed for students whose primary area of interest is in the design and technical aspects of theatre. Students receive basic and advanced coursework aimed at providing the skills necessary to succeed in the theatre.

Collaborative Theatre Emphasis — Combining coursework in playwriting, directing and arts administration, this option is designed for students who are interested in artistic direction, producing or management positions in theatre. This option is especially appealing to those students who wish to be involved in theatre at the community or regional/non-profit theatre areas.


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