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Aug 24th, 2020

Faculty Exhibition Fall 2020

Works by High Point University
Studio Art + Graphic Design Faculty

Benita VanWinkle


“Please Remain Standing” is a passionate plea to save vintage movie theaters across the United States built before 1965 and the affront of multiplex theaters.  This project originated with a school assignment to “paint with light in the dark”. I choose to light the interior of the Carib Theatre, in Clearwater, Florida, having worked at the bank next door as a teen and experiencing many pivotal moments of my youth at the theater. In two years the beloved theater with its Egyptian themed history of cinema towering several stories high on the auditorium walls was torn down to make parking spaces for the bank. Realizing the considerable value these community spaces provide, it became my mission to photograph as many of them as feasible, especially in small towns, and to record personal stories of attending these touchstones when possible.

Benita VanWinkle