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Program Description

The Creative Arts Fellows Program provides students a four-year, experiential, team-based scholastic experience with like-minded students.  Working with a dedicated director of the program, students are provided personal mentoring, networking travel, and opportunities to learn about careers in the ever-changing arts world from scholars and practitioners. Students in the Creative Arts Fellows program will participate in value-added learning experiences that embrace the university’s growth mindset philosophy and connect students to faculty, peers, and professionals. The programming is three-fold, focusing on community building (personal and professional), experiential learning, and leadership development – culminating in a well-rounded graduate who can differentiate him/herself in the public sphere.

Students in the Creative Arts Fellows Program have unique opportunities to:

  • Complete classes as a cohort
  • Engage with faculty mentors
  • Have priority access to guests artists
  • Participate in the BB&T Leadership Certification program
  • Receive travel opportunities within the United States to unique cultural centers
  • Participate in closed master classes within their discipline
  • Develop exhibition or performances with one-on-one faculty mentorship
  • VIP behind-the-scenes experience at Walt Disney World
  • Serve as an upper-class mentor for first and second year fellowship students

Successful applicants to the Creative Arts Fellows program will have a declared major in Art, Dance, English (Creative Writing), Fashion Merchandising, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Music, and Theater and have a track record of interest in studying the arts. Previous exhibitions, performances, and a robust portfolio will be an advantage for applicants. The program is highly selective and is limited to the top twenty five incoming students in applicable majors in each entering class.

To be considered for membership into the Creative Arts Fellows Program, you must first submit your High Point University undergraduate admissions application.

Then, please complete your Creative Arts Fellows application through your PantherPage by February 1 for priority applicants, and by March 1 for all others.

  • Scholarships ($3,000 per year)

Creative Arts Fellows receive a $3,000 scholarship renewable annually based on academic performance and continued participation in the program. This is in addition to any Presidential or High Point Scholarship.

Contact Information

Dr. Emily Gerhold
Assistant Professor of Art History
Director of Sechrest Gallery