Creative Arts Fellows Program

The Creative Arts Fellows Program provides students a four-year, experiential, team-based scholastic experience with like-minded students.  Working with a dedicated director of the program, students are provided personal mentoring, networking travel, and opportunities to learn about careers in the ever-changing arts world from scholars and practitioners. Students in the Creative Arts Fellows program will participate in value-added learning experiences that embrace the university’s growth mindset philosophy and connect students to faculty, peers, and professionals. The programming is three-fold, focusing on community building (personal and professional), experiential learning, and leadership development – culminating in a well-rounded graduate who can differentiate him/herself in the public sphere.

Learn more here and watch this short video!

Scholarships for Interior Design and Visual Merchandising Design

Several scholarships are typically available to students (rising freshmen and above) in Interior Design, Visual and Fashion Merchandising at High Point University. Students will be notified in the spring via email when the application process is open. One application is sufficient for all scholarship opportunities. Deadline for applying is Noon on March 31.

Scholarships for Music (Instrumental and Vocal)

Scholarships are available for students at all levels. Further instructions and the application form may be found here. Applications are due no later than May 1.

Scholarships for Theater and Dance

To be eligible for Freshmen Scholarships, the student candidate needs to audition for the program or, for Technical Theater majors, submit a portfolio of their work. These audition/interviews can be scheduled while you are visiting the campus or submitted virtually. For more information contact Doug Brown ( for Theater and Lindsey Howie ( for Dance.