5 Things to Look Forward to When Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Visits HPU

On March 23, you’ll have a chance to hear from the man who invented the personal computer and built Apple with Steve Jobs.

Steve Wozniak, High Point University’s Innovator in Residence, will spend the day consulting students and sharing his story of technological invention. After all, the world has him to thank for the Apple I and Apple II computers that laid the foundation for future developments like the iPod, iPad and iPhones we hold in our hands today. Here are five things you can look forward to with “Woz” at HPU:


Steve Wozniak_Commencement 20131. Hear Woz answer questions from HPU students

Woz will take part in a discussion and interactive Q&A at 2 p.m. in the Hayworth Fine Arts Center. He and a team of faculty moderators will discuss innovation in education, communication, computer science, physics and entrepreneurship.

On behalf of their peers, students from many different majors have put together a list of questions for Woz to answer.


2. Learn how to navigate life as an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are countless decisions to make, risks to take, paths to choose, ideas to define and components to perfect.

Woz knows about all of that.

He’s founded multiple companies during his career as a computer scientist and inventor. He’s made the hard decisions, and he wants to share how to navigate those situations with students and young entrepreneurs at HPU.


3. Get inspired by a true innovator

Woz and Steve Jobs – the two “Steves” – first met in 1971. Five years later, the two founded Apple Computers, Inc. Today, that company is one of the most valuable technology companies in the world.

Woz’s story is one of perseverance, innovation and technological revolution. Students of every field of study – not just mathematics or computer science majors – can take inspiration from his story and apply it to their own lives.


4. Find out how collaborative work environments are the future

Collaboration is the future. No longer do employees work in silos; they are becoming increasingly reliant on members of other teams to complete the tasks before them. To build a business like Apple, Woz and Jobs needed experts from across many disciplines to work together.

The same is true, if not more so, today. A technology company like Apple needs a computer scientist to design the computer components, but they also need a businessperson to pitch it to investors, an accountant to handle the finances, a marketing guru to sell it to potential buyers, a human relations manager to champion employees… the list goes on. These types of interdisciplinary teams are what every student, every employee, of nearly every industry, should prepare for.

best-colleges-most-innovative 2016


5. Discover why HPU is the “No. 1 Most Innovative Regional College in the South”

Innovation is in High Point University’s DNA, as recognized in two rankings it holds – #1 Most Innovative Regional College in the South by U.S. News & World Report and Most Innovative Small Colleges in America by Best Degree Programs.

Those rankings reflect the transformative environment at HPU. Woz’s Innovator in Residence position is, in a way, new to campus, but in another way, it’s part of what’s been unfolding at HPU for many years through curriculum, programs and facilities infused with and centered on innovation.


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