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Minor in Sales

The sales minor is designed for creative thinkers with broad interests—key characteristics for success in any field.  Students from any other HPU major are encouraged to earn a minor in sales, as we believe every student should be able to sell/persuade.  As a sales minor in High Point University’s Earl N. Phillips School of Business, the student will gain the ability to strategize and execute a professional sales strategy.  The student will gradually build confidence with practice experiences in class; in recorded role-play exercises; and in front of peers, professors, and visiting hiring managers.  The student can step from college into a career in a chosen field, ready to create and deliver value inside or outside the organization.

Student Learning Outcomes

 Upon completion of the minor in sales at High Point University, students will be able to:

  1. create a professional selling strategy.
  2. confidently add value at all stages of a professional sales cycle.
  3. establish and grow a value-based relationship in either B2B or retail sales environments.
  4. create and deliver a customized needs-based solution.
  5. negotiate successful outcomes as an individual or team.
Minor in Sales
Minor in Sales
Minor Requirements Credits
Total 20
Requirements for Minor in Sales
Requirements for Minor in Sales
Course Course Title Credits
MKT 2110 Principles of Marketing and Personal Selling 4
MKT 3600 Sales in Dynamic Environments 4
Select three courses from the following:
BUA 2990 Business Communications and Professional Development 4
MKT 3680 Negotiations 4
MKT 4370 Sales Leadership 4
MKT 4500 Retail Selling 4
Course Descriptions