HPU’s minor in Education Studies provides students with an understanding of the field of education as a social science, a pedagogical practice and a cultural force, including its foundational ideas, trends and issues, as well as its components of human learning and development, school culture, student diversity, and instructional methods. It supplements students whose major(s) prepare them for instructional settings other than the traditional public school classroom or whose career plans include working with children or young adults. It does not require students to fulfill the requirements for teacher licensure.

The Education Studies Minor might be a good fit for you if…

  • Your chosen profession or career includes instructing others in some capacity (e.g. employee/consumer education or training)
  • You want to teach (e.g. in private schools or internationally), but do not wish to pursue teacher licensure
  • You plan on teaching at the college level
  • Your career plans include working with children or young adults
  • You have an interest in education policies or practices
Minor in Education Studies
Minor in Education Studies
Minor Requirements Credits
Total 20
Choose from any of these courses for a total of 20 credits:
Choose from any of these courses for a total of 20 credits:
Course Course Title Credits
EDU 1202 Seminar in Education 2
EDU 2000 History of American Education 4
EDU 2100 Nature of the Learner / Educational Psychology 4
EDU 2200 Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning 4
EDU 3100 Students with Disabilities- Characteristics and Service Delivery Model 4
EDU 3110 Educational Technology for Teachers 2
EDU 4275 Internship in Education 4
EDU 4330 Research in Education 4
EDU/GBS 3260 Education in the Age of Globalization 4
SOA/EDU 3050 Education and Society 4
EDU/GBS 3270 Teaching Global Perspectives Through Children’s Literature 4
EDU 4200 Diverse Learners and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 4
EDU 4300 Social Justice in Education 4
Course Descriptions 20