School of Education

Minor in Educational Studies

The Educational Studies Minor is designed for students who are majoring in an academic discipline or major in which the need to deliver information to others through employee/consumer education and/or training would be beneficial.  The 30-hour internship will take place in a setting that is appropriate to the student’s major or interest.

Requirements for the Minor in Educational Studies (20 credits):

Required Courses (14 credits)

  • EDU 2100. Nature of the Learner or EDU 2100 Honors** (4)
  • EDU 2110. Introduction to Educational Technology (2)
  • EDU 4200. Multicultural Education in Diverse Society or EDU 4540. Diversity in Education: Societal and Organizational Perspectives** (4)
  • EDU 1201. Seminar in Teaching (2)*
  • EDU 4275. Internship in Education (2)*

Choose an additional 6-8 hours from list below:

  • EDU 3280. Literacy in the Content Areas (4)
  • EDU 3110. Technology for Teachers (2)
  • EDU 4111. Independent Study (2 – 4)

*These courses should be taken at the end of the course sequence.

**This course is available only to students who are in the Honors Program.

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