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Minor in Athletic Coaching

The minor in Athletic Coaching is designed to enhance the student’s studies by providing information about different coaching styles and  officiating skills, along with concepts for developing team and individual sports.  The program will help students understand the role of a coach as well as how to analyze and improve athletes’ skills.  The minor does contain two internships, that require the student to coach a team during its season of play.

The program consists of four core classes (16 credits) and two internships (4 credits).  The Athletic Coaching minor is open to students of all majors.

Requirements for the Minor in Athletic Coaching (20 credits):

  • PEC 2101. Team Sports: Skill Development Analysis and Teaching (4)
  • PEC 2201. Individual Sports: Skill Development Analysis and Teaching (4)
  • PEC 3110. Responsibilities in Athletic Coaching (4)
  • PEC 3210. Coaching and Officiating in Varsity Athletics (4)
  • PEC 4210-4211. Coaching Field Experience I & II (4)

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