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High Point University Financial Aid Terms and Conditions for Graduate Students

  • The Financial Aid Offer with the most recent date supersedes any previous offer.
  • Periodically throughout the year, High Point University may evaluate a student’s eligibility for named endowed scholarships which are awarded as recognition for your abilities and achievements based on the donor’s instructions. These scholarships have been provided to assist the University in staying within annual budget limitations in providing financial assistance to students. As a result, these endowed scholarships may replace current High Point University funds already in your financial aid offer and thus will not change your total funding amount. In support of the University and to honor the donors who graciously give to HPU, students who are selected for these scholarships will be asked to write a letter of appreciation to the specific donor.
  • Changes in financial, marital or academic status; changes of academic program; change of residence (housing tier or on campus to off campus or vice versa); or failure to comply with program guidelines and regulations could result in a revision to or cancellation of your Financial Aid Offer.
  • The total of grant and scholarship funds from all sources (institutional, state, federal and outside/private) may not exceed the total of direct education costs (i.e., tuition & fees and room & dining for residential students; or tuition & fees for off-campus students) plus books & supplies.
  • Students receiving High Point University funded aid programs must be enrolled full-time (6 hours per semester or module for
    MBA, MA, EdD, MEd, or MAT programs). Audit courses do not count toward full time hours.
  • Financial Aid recipients must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and be in good academic standing with the university. Students who change their enrollment status (full time to part time) or withdraw from the university may not meet the standards of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and could forfeit future financial aid. For more information on the Standards of Academic Progress or before dropping a class, please check with the Student Financial Planning Office.
  • Federal and state aid is contingent upon fund appropriations and receipt by the University, and are subject to change during the academic year.
  • State funding is pending upon verification of a student’s residency and minimum level of enrollment. If these are not met then State funding cannot be awarded. Residency is determined by the State of North Carolina. Students must complete the Residency Determination online at within 45 days of the start of the term to be eligible.
  • Financial aid funds will not officially post to the student’s account until after the drop/add period and final enrollment has been established for each term. For federal unsubsidized loan funds the loan must be actively accepted and online steps submitted (Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note – MPN) to the university for funding to post.
  • Students must notify the financial aid office of other financial assistance to be used to meet the cost of education at High Point University that is not listed on the most recent Financial Aid Offer. The receipt of other assistance may result in an adjustment to your financial aid offer according to federal and state regulations as well as institutional policies.