We are excited that you are interested in proposing and leading a short-term study abroad program! We hope you will find this to be a rewarding experience that will impact the lives and educational experiences of students in your field of study!

When you are ready to work on your proposal, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Palis, Assistant Vice President of Global Education, to discuss the process and feasibility of your program.

Then, download and complete the appropriate program proposal form (linked below). The proposal form is type-able. Once complete, print and obtain all necessary signatures. Submit the proposal electronically to Dr. Claudia Femenias, Chair of the Study Abroad Committee.

To find out what our students want in a faculty-led program, please review the Undergraduate Student Survey.


Proposal Deadlines

To assist you with planning, the following deadlines have been created:

Time of Travel Proposal Deadline
Winter Break December 1, the year before
May Term January 31, the year before
Summer I January 31, the year before
Summer II January 31, the year before