May 04th, 2021

Korea University

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Semester Abroad
Korea University
Seoul, South Korea
Become immersed in the culture of South Korea’s thriving capital, Seoul. According to the US News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings (2015), Korea University (KU) ranks higher than all other private Korean Universities. Korea University offers 14 different courses of study for undergraduate students with 40% of those courses taught in English.

Each year, KU hosts around 1,500 international exchange students across two campuses. The main campus, Anam, is located in Seoul, and is convenient to metro bus and subway lines. The campus library offers over 3 million books and other materials for students on-site as well as nearly 400,000 digital pieces of content for research. The campus also provides a variety of non-academic facilities from coffee shops and bakeries to book stores and study rooms.
Top 3 Reasons to Study Here
Unbeatable location in a safe and bustling metropolis with many activities and attractions for students.
A wide range of courses taught in English in business, liberal arts, political science, and international relations.
Highly-ranked private university.
Application Deadline
April 1, 2021
Program Fees
Spring 2022
Additional Expenses
Students will be enrolled automatically in the HPU International Health and Safety plan. The semester premiums, not included in HPU's tuition and fees, will be billed directly to the student's account upon enrollment in the plan. At the time of publishing, the current rate is $325 per semester.
Korea University
Seoul, South Korea
Aug 2021 - Dec 2021
Feb 2022 - Jun 2022
Application Deadline
April 1, 2021
3.0 GPA & Sophomore Status
Office of Study Abroad, Cottrell Hall, Suite 142
Korea University offers 14 different courses of study for undergraduate students with 40% of those courses taught in English. You will be able to choose a maximum of 19 credits from this wide range of English-taught courses, taking 4-6 classes. The university has two campuses, Anam and Sejong, that are within 2 hours and 30 minutes of each other by bus/car. The student-teacher ratio at Anam is 20.8 to 1 and 30.77 to 1 at Sejong. Each semester runs approximately 14 weeks.
Credit Transfer
For High Point University to recognize the credits you complete abroad, you must earn at least a grade equivalent to a C in the U.S. HPU will not accept credit for courses with grades of C– or below. Grades for all courses earned abroad are recorded on the international transcript. Credits are received by HPU as transfer credits, which means the credit is received but the grade is not. Your HPU grade point average will not be impacted positively or negatively by your study abroad courses.