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B.S. Psychology

Psychology is the third most popular major at HPU, and is typically the largest or second largest major in the College of Arts and Sciences. With more than 250 students in the major and 100 in the minor, it is estimated that our majors constitute approximately 5% of the HPU student body. Close to 90% of all HPU students take Introduction to Psychology as one of their social sciences.

Qualities of psychology graduates sought by employers

Psychology majors gain invaluable skills that are essential to a successful career. At HPU, psychology students are equipped to conquer the field with skills such as:

  • Research methods and statistical skills
  • Thinking and problem solving
  • Information acquisition and synthesis skills
  • Communication and intrapersonal skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Adaptability

What can I do with this major?


Psychology majors have conducted research in:

  • Using behavioral modification techniques to help autistic children function more effectively in their daily lives
  • Studying factors that help cancer patients cope with their illness at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine
  • Constructing profiles at the FBI headquarters that will help law enforcement agencies distinguish real and fake threat letters
  • Learning about a psychologist’s role in the justice system with a Certified Forensic Psychologist
  • Working with gerontologists and social workers providing services to patients with advanced forms of Alzheimer’s disease

Student clubs & organizations

  • Psi Chi (international honor society for psychology)
  • Psychology Club

Psychology at HPU


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