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B.S. Psychology

Program Overview

The Psychology program welcomes all those interested in learning about human behavior and how it is studied. The B.S. in psychology provides students with broad exposure to various topical areas in psychology and allows students the flexibility to choose courses based on their interests within psychology. Students must complete a set of core requirements, all of which are rigorous and grounded in the principles and methods of basic science. Beyond these core courses, however, students have a great deal of choice in the kinds of academic experiences they have. Students may also take part in the Student Career Internship Program to obtain hands-on experience in a field of the student’s choice, or they may enroll in our Undergraduate Research course that allows them to conduct original research under the guidance of a faculty member. Students of psychology at High Point University can expect to receive individualized attention from faculty members and the freedom to pursue their long-term goals in a supportive and flexible academic environment.

Our program of study is designed to prepare students for a variety of post graduation options, including employment in business, human services, personnel offices, graduate school, and professional fields such as law, business, medicine, education and sub areas of psychology including clinical, developmental, counseling, social, cognitive, and industrial/organizational psychology. All students should consider their career options early in their academic program and seek appropriate information and resources from the psychology faculty and the University Career Development Center.


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