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A dissertation/thesis is a professional manuscript about accurate and meaningful research conducted by the student.  It is submitted to the Graduate School as partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master’s degree.  It reflects credit to the student, the Dissertation/Thesis Chair, the Dissertation/Thesis Committee Members, the student’s program, the student’s department and school, the Graduate School, and High Point University. Both the student and the Dissertation/Thesis Chair have responsibility for ensuring absolute quality for all aspects of the written thesis before any copy is submitted to the Graduate School. Students must adhere to all deadlines and processes found in the Thesis, Capstone Project and Dissertation Guide.

Thesis, Capstone Project and Dissertation Guide


Deadlines for Final Manuscript Submission to Norcross Graduate School

 Delivery of the revised and final post-defense copy of the thesis/capstone/dissertation paper must be submitted to the  Graduate School by noon on the following:

  • December 1 for December graduation
  • April 15 for May graduation
  • July 15 for August graduation

If the defense was successful, the student submits the revised and finished post-defense, professional final copy of the thesis/capstone/dissertation with the signed Checklist after the defense and before the above published deadline. The thesis/capstone/dissertation should be submitted electronically in PDF format.  Students may deliver the document to the Graduate School on a flash drive or may send it via e-mail to

If the thesis/capstone/dissertation project does not fully meet the standards of the Graduate School, it will be returned to the student, which may delay the student’s graduation.

Time needed to review may vary from minor corrections to large formatting concerns. Significant errors may cause the student to graduate in a later term.

When possible, it is advisable to submit the thesis/capstone/dissertation to the Graduate School as early as possible prior to the deadline.