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What is Business Analytics and Why Does it Matter?
At the core of every successful business is a skilled business analytics team. You might be asking, “What is business analytics?” Business analysts use methods like data mining, predictive analytics and statistical analysis to analyze and translate data into useful information, discover and anticipate trends and ultimately help organizations make smarter, data-driven choices. As technological trends evolve and customers’ needs grow more complex, organizations need to identify changes in the business world and be able to respond and adapt to those shifts. However, there’s currently a shortage of skilled business analysts, and organizations are looking for individuals who specialize in data analysis to best serve their customers.

Is a Master’s in Business Analytics Worth It for the Career Paths?

According to a NewVantage Partners survey, 92% of executives say they are accelerating investment in Big Data. This means that organizations will need more business analysts than ever to keep up with analyzing that data and using it to inform major business decisions — giving you more opportunities to earn a higher-than-average master’s in business analytics salary. You may still be wondering, “What can you do with a business analytics degree?”

The best master’s in business analytics programs will prepare you to pursue a wide variety of exciting and fast-growing careers in nearly every industry. These include:

  • Digital Data Analyst
  • Director of Research
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Process Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Analyst
  • Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

What to Look for in a Master’s in Business Analytics Program

As you research MBA programs, you’ll come across MBA degrees with a specialization in business analytics and may wonder “Is a master’s in business analytics worth it?” While it is worth the increase in salary and job prospects, you need to know what to look for in a program.

The best master’s in business analytics programs will emphasize drawing insights from the data that is being collected. Data collection is increasingly being done by artificial intelligence and other automated programs, but only humans can think critically and creatively enough to translate that data into actionable information. That’s where you come in.

High Point University’s MBA in Business Analytics program emphasizes interpreting and telling stories with data so you can make the biggest impact at your organization. HPU’s MBA degree is designed to be flexible with your work and life schedule. Master the skills and knowledge necessary for business analytics quickly and affordably.

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What’s the Average Master’s in Business Analytics Salary?
You’re considering an MBA program. But is a master’s in business analytics worth it? Consider the average master’s in business analytics salary compared to a bachelor’s degree and decide for yourself:
  • • According to PayScale, the average salary for those with an MBA in business analytics is a little over $75,000.
  • • On the other hand, ZipRecruiter estimates that the average salary for those with a bachelor’s in business is about $58,000.

What Is the Job Outlook for Business Analysts?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of business analysts is projected to grow 14% within the next decade, adding about 99,000 new jobs each year.

So, the master’s in business analytics salary and job security available should answer a question like, “Is a master’s in business analytics worth it?” We’ve also answered frequently asked questions like, “What is business analytics?” and “How do I find the best master’s in business analytics?” Now, let’s focus on finding the right MBA in business analytics program for you.

Find the Right MBA in Business Analytics Program

What is business analytics? At High Point University, we believe it’s about appreciating the power of information. It’s about knowing how to connect data and people. It’s about making organizations run smoothly and improve customers’ experiences.

In our MBA in business analytics program, you will focus on analyzing market data, understanding managerial economics and visualizing business data to tell stories.

High Point University offers one of the most affordable and best master’s in business analytics programs available fully online. You can earn your MBA in business analytics from HPU while you continue working and caring for your family. With a rolling admissions program that begins every eight weeks, you can also enroll in courses when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

Now you know the answer to, “What can you do with a business analytics degree?” Learn more about our online MBA in business analytics program and find a rewarding career.

The program allowed me to sharpen my analytical and critical thinking skills that I can apply and has also provided flexibility for me to spend quality time with my wife and two young children.
Jason Lowe ’21
Logistics Manager, TE Connectivity Automotive Americas
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