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We currently offer 1 Master of Arts in Teaching – Education program:


The Education program coordinator is Dr. Shirley Disseler. Current students can reach Dr. Disseler at or (336) 841-9631.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is an accelerated teacher licensure program that is designed for candidates who already hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. The 45-hour program of study includes an initial 36-hour sequence of courses in 21st Century teaching and learning, technology, and methodology which culminates in a capstone student teaching internship experience. During PHASE I of the program post-baccalaureate courses allow candidates to complete the requirements for an initial N.C. teaching license in Elementary Education K-6, including student teaching. At the completion of PHASE I and the candidate’s passing scores on the Praxis II Specialty Examination in Elementary Education, the individual is eligible for the “A” (initial) N.C. teaching license. Should the individual choose not to proceed to PHASE II, he/she has completed the requirements for the initial teaching license in Elementary Education K-6 only.

The individual choosing to receive the MAT degree in Elementary Education K-6 must apply for graduate candidacy and be admitted to PHASE II of the program. In PHASE II the candidate enrolls in an additional 9 hours of graduate coursework in order to complete the remaining requirements for the MAT degree and to be eligible for the “M” level N.C. license in Elementary Education K-6. Coursework includes research methods, educational leadership, and curriculum development. The Elementary Education Comprehensive Examination is also required at the completion of these 9 hours.

The Education program coordinator is Dr. Shirley Disseler. She can be reached at or 336.841.9631. To learn more about Dr. Disseler and the Education Graduate Faculty click here. For more information check out the School of Education website today!

Admission Terms: Fall (August); Spring (January); Summer (June)

Deadlines for Application Materials:

Please see the admissions information page for current degree admission deadlines.

Application Materials:

Applicants will apply to and submit all admissions requirements for Phase I directly to the Norcross Graduate School. Approval for admission to continue onto Phase II of the program is determined by the School of Education.

Required materials include:

Phase I
  • online application with a nonrefundable $50 application fee
  • an official transcript showing an earned baccalaureate degree as well as official transcripts from all other previously attended colleges (excluding High Point University). If you have attended High Point University you must include it on your application. The Norcross Graduate School will request that transcript for you once application is submitted.
  • applicants must have an acceptable undergraduate GPA (3.0 or higher on a 4-point scale) or documentation of meeting the basic testing requirement for the PRAXIS I (Core) test battery in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • three professional or academic reference reports
  • professional resume
  • essay
Phase II
  • passing scores for the Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum exams. The General Curriculum exam is made up of two sub tests, Math and Multi-subjects. (effective 10-1-14)
  • candidates must have earned a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 during Phase I of the program
  • successful student teaching internship experience as evidenced by the LEA/IHE Certification of Teaching Capacity
  • eligibility for a N.C. initial teaching license in Elementary Education for admission to the graduate candidacy and Phase II of the Program (Successful completion of the required Foliotek Electronic Evidences in EDU 5020 and EDU 5230).

Exceptions to any admission requirement may be considered under special circumstances.

Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education

Prerequisite Work: None

Comprehensive Examinations: Yes

Teaching Elementary Education Program (45 hours)

Phase I

Elementary Core   (12 hours)
EDU 5010 Advanced Instructional Technology for the 21st Century
EDU 5050 Classroom Organization and Management
EDU 5070 Trends and Issues in Education*
EDU 5080 Advanced Educational Psychology
Instructional Core   (18 hours)
EDU 5130 Numerical Representations and Number Concepts in Elementary Mathematics
EDU 5131 Literature for Children and Adolescents
EDU 5132 Foundations of Writing Instruction
EDU 5133 Integrated Principles of Science and Social Studies Instruction
EDU 5134 Foundations of Reading Instruction
EDU 5135 Diagnosis and Assessment in the Teaching of Reading
Elementary Capstone  (6 hours)
EDU 5230 Clinical Internship in Elementary Education
EDU 5040 Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society
Total Hours 36 Initial License in Elementary Education Awarded – Passing Praxis II
Phase II
Elementary Core  (9 hours)
EDU 5020 Curriculum Development
EDU 5030 Methods of Educational Research
EDU 5060 Developing Leaders in 21st Century Schools

* Candidates enrolled in the MAT program must register for the 3 credit version of EDU 5070.

 Course Descriptions 

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