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The perfect fusion of art and science
The perfect fusion of art and science
Join us for the world premiere of a new opera by Mark Lanz Weiser and Amy Punt - the first opera conceived for a planetarium!

This production is a collaboration between Dr. Scott MacLeod, associate professor of voice, Dr. Brad Barlow, associate professor of astrophysics and Director of the Culp Planetarium, Kristine McIntyre, internationally renowned stage director, composer Mark Lanz Weiser and librettist Amy S. Punt. We proudly present the world premiere of a family-friendly opera titled Galaxies in Her Eyes.

This performance is free to attend and open to the public, but tickets are required.

This is the first opera conceived for planetariums, focusing on STEM and chronicling the accomplishments of famous women scientists and their groundbreaking discoveries. This will be the first time that the Culp Planetarium on HPU’s campus has hosted a performing arts production featuring professional singers and musicians.

The opera tells the story of a young girl who dreams of going to the stars. She weaves together the stories of astronomical pioneers Annie Jump Cannon, Katherine Johnson and Ada Lovelace, whose work helps make that journey possible. Across time and space, she discovers a sisterhood of science which is defined by collaboration, perseverance, a fascination with the unknown and the importance of doing your math homework.

The opera is a fully professional production featuring musicians from the Winston-Salem Symphony, internationally acclaimed opera singers, and professional technical crew such as the lighting designer, stage manager, stage director, costume and makeup designer, and master electrician.


Performance dates and times:

Friday, April 1 7:30pm

Saturday, April 2 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Sunday, April 3 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Click here for tickets to attend in person.

The 7:30pm show on Sunday, April 3 will also be available to view on livestream by clicking here.

Tips for the best livestream viewing experience

The livestream will be broadcast with a 360 degree camera, so that viewers can move their view anywhere within the dome by clicking/dragging on the video. This is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, but it can be viewed on a tablet or phone. However, in the case of at least some phones (and probably tablets, too), you will need to watch using the YouTube app itself (instead of going to YouTube on a web browser like Safari or Chrome) to experience the 360 nature of the video and scroll around the room as they watch. On many phones, if you join the livestream from YouTube through a web browser, it just displays a flat screen version facing the front of the room, and you cannot interact with the view (i.e., you cannot scroll around the room).

Kristine McIntyre, director

Karen Ní Bhroin, conductor

Diana Thompson-Brewer, Eden

Lindsay Kesselman, Ada Lovelace

Amanda Lynn Bottoms, Katherine Johnson

Sarah Nordin, Annie Jump Cannon

PG Hazard, piano

Fabrice Dharamraj, violin 1

Emilia Sharpe, violin 2

Simon Ertz, viola

Laura Shirley, cello

Mark Weiser, composer

Amy Punt, librettist

Scott MacLeod, producer

Brittany Carter, stage manager

Kathy Maxwell, graphics/lighting designer

Troy Morelli, master electrician

Brad Barlow, planetarium director

Erin Brady, planetarium manager

Emmie D’Amico, props mistress and ASM

Jason Estrada, makeup and costume designer

Lani Skelley, assistant production manager

Hailey Turner, assistant production manager



The following cast were involved in the workshop of this production in the Spring of 2021 at High Point University:

Reyna Alston

Stephanie Stone

Andria Williamson

Tabitha Brandel

Susan Young

Galaxies In Her Eyes is made possible with generous support from:

Scott 110 Layout
I’m proud to have played a role in bringing Galaxies from concept to production. The pandemic was difficult for artists, but also freed up creative and imaginative space to conceive of something truly historic. It is a true privilege to work with these artists.
Dr. Scott MacLeod
Producer and Associate Professor of Music, HPU
Karen Ni Bhroin
Galaxies in Her Eyes tells a story that will inspire the whole family while bringing science and the arts together. It’s an honor to be premiering this cutting-edge opera experience at High Point University. This is one musical event that you don’t want to miss.
Karen Ní Bhroin
Kristine McIntyre
Galaxies in her Eyes is the perfect fusion of art and science. We've assembled an amazing professional cast who are bringing these four incredible women to life in a voyage through time and space that transcends the planetarium and takes you on a journey to the stars!
Kristine McIntyre
Stage Director