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Advanced Placement Equivalencies

Advanced Placement (AP) Equivalencies are listed below:


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ExaminationScoreHPU Course EquivalentCredit Award
Art History4, 5Art Elective4
Art Studio: 2-D Design4, 5Studio Art Elective4
Art Studio: 3-D Design4, 5Studio Art Elective4
Art Studio: Drawing4, 5Studio Art Elective4
Biology4, 5BIO 11004
Chemistry4CHM 1010 & 10114
Chemistry (non-major)5CHM 1010 & 1011; 1020 & 10218
Chemistry (major)5CHM 1510 & 1511*4
Chinese Language4, 54
Computer Science A4, 5CSC 17104
Computer Science AB4, 5CSC 1710 & CSC 17208
Economics: Micro5ECO 20504
Economics: Macro5ECO 20304
English Language and Composition4, 5ENG 11034
English Literature and Composition4, 5Area I req. in Literature ENG-22004
Environmental Science4, 5BIO 11104
Human Geography4, 5Fulfills Geography elective GEO-0004
European History4, 5Area A 1xxx credit (Fulfills Area I req.) HST-11014
United States History4, 5Area B 1xxx credit (Fulfills Area I req.) HST-12014
World History4, 5Area C 1xxx credit (Fulfills Area I req.) HST-14014
French Language4FRE 1020 (Fulfills req.)4
French Language5FRE 2010 (Fulfills req.)4
French Literature4FRE 2130 (Fulfills req.)4
French Literature53000 level Lit. (Fufills req.)4
German Language4GER 1020 (Fulfills req.)4
German Language5GER 2010 (Fulfills req.)4
Italian Language4ITA 1020 (Fulfills req.)4
Italian Language5ITA 2010 (Fulfills req.)4
Japanese Language4, 54
Latin: Vergil
Latin Literature
Spanish Language4SPN 1020 (Fulfills req.)4
Spanish Language5SPN 2010 (Fulfills req.)4
Spanish Literature4SPN 2130 (Fulfills req.)4
Spanish Literature53000 level Lit. (Fufills req.)4
Government & Politics: United States4, 5PSC 23104
Government & Politics: Comparative4, 5PSC 25104
Mathematics: Calculus AB4, 5MTH 14104
Mathematics: Calculus BC4, 5MTH 1410 & MTH 14208
Music Theory4, 5Music Elective4
Physics B14, 5PHY 1510/15114
Physics B24, 5PHY 1520/15214
Physics C: Mechanics**(non-majors)4, 5PHY 20104
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism ** (non-majors)4, 5PHY 20204
Psychology4, 5PSY 20004
Statistics4, 5STS 20204

*Consideration for credit for CHM 1520/1521 TBD by Chemistry faculty
**Physics majors are required to take PHY 2010/2020 in order to graduate, regardless of IB or AP scores


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